Peer Advocates of Sexual Respect

What We Do

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As Peer Advocates of Sexual Respect, we are students who have received intensive training and on-going supervision to act as a resource referral group for students who are in need of emotional support.

We envision ourselves as a natural option for anyone questioning sexual issues ranging from the traumatic to the romantic.  As a group, prevention is important to us: we believe in addressing both the root causes of violence as well as actively seeking to help the members of the Amherst College Community build skills to create a safer community.  We believe that communication and respect are key to healthy sexual relationships and work hard to create opportunities for conversation and critical thinking on the ways society influences this idea. We are a resource to the Amherst community not just for sexual and gender based violence but also issues stemming from everyday relationship interactions. We support peers as they work through uncomfortable experiences of a sexual nature. Our group therefore provides an intentional environment for questions, concerns, and support.

We work to create an environment where people are respected by others. We promote awareness of the impact of sexual disrespect on victim/survivors and what constitutes a healthy relationship.

How To Reach Us

Please email any of the individuals listed below.

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If you have been sexually assaulted and are in need of emergency police assistance, please call the campus police emergency number at (413) 542-2111. A thorough description of services and options provided by campus police can be found on their website.

For medical assistance, contact University Health Services at (413) 577-5000 or Cooley Dickinson Hospital at (413) 582-2000. Both facilities have access to Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners.

Who We Are

Peer Advocates of Sexual Respect

Kate Bancroft, 2023

Nicole Chung, 2022

Joelle Crichlow, 2022

Sonja Lazovic, 2022

Harinh Lee, 2021

Kenneth Lee, 2022

Eli Maierson, 2023

Isabelle Ouyang, 2021

Jonathan Paul, 2022

Maya Roberts, 2023

Melanie Schwimmer, 2023

Lauren Simpson, 2021


Lauren Kelly
Sexual Respect Educator