What About Sex??

If a relationship is one that might involve sex, make sure that you are both ready!!!

Some Sexual Myths
Myth: Good sex = a good relationship
Truth: Unfortunately, there isn't a cause and effect relationship here. How often and how good the sex is doesn't necessarily indicate the closeness or caring between people.
Myth: Good sex needs to be spontaneous.
Truth: Spontaneous sex can be exciting. But so can planning and preparing for sex. You can create the right mood by planning the time, place, food, and music. You can also ensure that your sex will be safer from unintended pregnancies and STIs, making the morning after as exciting and stress free as the night before.

Keep These Things in Mind?

  • Sex should be guilt-free. If either of you is feeling uncomfortable, you should wait.
  • Sex should be something you can discuss. If you can't talk about sex, you're not ready for it. Issues such as protecting each other, likes and dislikes, and what makes each feel comfortable need to be discussed.
  • Sex too early in a relationship can actually prevent intimacy. On the other hand, sex at an appropriate time may build intimacy and deepen a relationship.
  • Protect yourself. Protecting yourself from unintended pregnancy and STIs lets you concentrate on having sex instead of worrying about what STIs you may be getting. Know about birth control methods and use them consistently.