What We Do

The Student Health Educators are a group of Amherst Students sponsored by health services that are interested and actively addressing health issues on campus. We deal with a wide range of topics: sexual and reproductive health, mental health, body image/eating disorders, alcohol/drugs, both women’s and men’s health as well as many other general health topics.

We are here to listen, advise and educate on a broad range of health topics. Some of our activities include:

  • Workshops: Sex and Chocolate, Alcohol, Nutrition, Sleep and Stress, Orgasm, Spice It Up, Casual Dating (with the Peer Advocates of Sexual Respect), Low Down on Going Down, Body Positivity, and more!
  • Passive Ed Programming
  • Contraceptive Distribution
  • My Body Is Beautiful Week
  • Mindfulness Week 
  • First-Year Orientation Skits
For RCs who need condoms, our condom request form is here.

Who we are:

Name   Email
Tucker Meijer tmeijer19
William Cohen wcohen19
GG Lucas-Narcisse glucasnarcisse19
Allison Ogawa aogawa18
Greg Roder groder18
Victoria Zhang vzhang18
Nate Sacks nsacks18
Scott Nelson snelson18
Beni Dieujuste bdieujuste20
Daria Taubin  dtaubin20
Seyoung Jeon sjeon20
Will Dunne wdunne20


Box #
Denise McGoldrick dmcgoldrick 2760


How To Reach Us:

Find and like us on Facebook!

Please call, mail or email any of the individuals listed above, or email us at she@amherst.edu.

You may even drop by Health Services during regular business hours. The Student Health Education Office is located upstairs.