A sign that says Welcome to the Wellbeing Makerspace

A space for creativity, connection, and recentering at Amherst

The Wellbeing Makerspace is a space where students can explore their creativity, de-stress, and engage in a variety of wellbeing activities. Located on the first floor of Keefe Campus Center, the Makerspace is an initiative of Student Affairs which opened in September 2023. 

The Makerspace is managed by Residential Engagement & Wellbeing. Students use a variety of art and craft supplies to express themselves, experiment with various mediums and projects, and use their imagination to build skills and create healthy outlets to manage stress and adversity. We strive to create a low-tech environment where students can laugh and engage with each other. 

The Wellbeing Makerspace offers:

  • Weekly wellbeing drop-in activities (see schedule of upcoming activities below)
  • Coloring materials, paints, crochet, bracelet-making, collage supplies, and other craft materials
  • Puzzles
  • Free health & wellbeing resources: menstrual products, safer sex supplies, hand and foot warmers, ear plugs, and other items
  • Passive education on a variety of wellbeing topics, created by Residential Engagement & Wellbeing, the Student Health Educators (SHEs) and the Peer Advocates for Sexual Respect (PAs), among others
  • Pop-up programs by campus partners and student groups

Hands-on creative exploration and expression are critical tools for health and wellbeing. Assembling and transforming materials allows for the body and mind to sync, encourages a shift from an outcome-oriented to a process-oriented mindset, and relaxes the nervous system. Makerspaces provide opportunities for students to collaborate and help one another learn and practice new skills.

Wellbeing Drop-In Activity Schedule

Drop-in wellbeing activities are available during regular Makerspace hours, 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday during the academic year. All supplies and instructions are provided.

 September 2024

Activity schedule coming soon!

For questions or concerns, please contact Residential Engagement & Wellbeing at

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