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ACEMS Interterm EMT Class

ACEMS runs an EMT-B certification course. Due to high demand, the course is only open to Amherst College students. Amherst College students who are interested in the class can find the application for the 2024 January course under the ACEMS Application tab.

If you could not attend any of the information sessions or would like to refer to the presented information, please find the slides here.

More information can be found under Annual EMT-B Class and Financial Information. Requests for additional information should also be sent to acems@amherst.edu.

Joining ACEMS

We are always looking for motivated, confident, and empathetic individuals to join our team. Students from all majors and academic interests are welcome to apply. You do not need to be a student on the pre-health track in order to join. Most members apply to take part in our annual January term certification course. Upon successful completion of the course, students will try out for the club. Those who do not pass are encouraged to try again at the next round. Tryouts are held in the first few weeks of each semester.

Already Certified?

If you are First Responder or EMT certified and would like more information about joining ACEMS, please e-mail us at acems@amherst.edu.

Need Certification?

If you would like more information about attaining EMT and/or First Responder certification, please see the information below and feel free to e-mail us. Most of our members attain their EMT and First Responder certifications through the annual EMT class held at Amherst College. No prior knowledge or experience is necessary.

Annual EMT-B Class and Financial Information 

The annual EMT-B class typically runs during the January term. In the fall, applications to be in the EMT-B course will be released, and after reviewing them, the club will call some applicants in for an interview. Following this, the club will release the final decisions. Acceptance into the course is contigent on trying out for the ACEMS squad upon completion of the course, and then serving at least two years. Tryouts take place in the spring semester.

Since 2015, Amherst College covers the cost of the annual EMT-B certification class for 30 students including instructor, textbook, and state practical exam fees. Given the resources provided by the college for the EMT class, those who apply and are accepted into the class are required to tryout for the squad, and then to serve for two years. Should a member fail to do so, they will be required to remit payment for the course and any associated fees. Please note that acceptance into the class does not guarantee an individual a spot on the squad. Instead, membership will be determined based on class performace, medical knowledge, and performace during tryouts. Typically, about 75% of students who take the class provided by the college make the squad after one tryout, though acceptance has ranged as high as 85% and ACEMS will accept any person who trys out for the squad and demonstrates competency. ACEMS will also reimburse all members for state and national testing and liscencing fees provided that they acquire both national and Massachusetts state liscensure within two (2) semesters of joining the squad. If you have any further questions, please contact acems@amherst.edu.

Other EMT Classes in the Area

Students who were not able to enroll in the Interterm EMT course may find other offerings available in the local area. Any EMT course that certifies you to be a Massachusetts EMT-B or higher will allow you to apply to join ACEMS. However, acceptance into ACEMS is not guaranteed and will depend on your demonstrated EMT skills and knowledge as well as ACEMS staffing requirements.

Other EMT course providers in the area:

(ACEMS is not affiliated with these class providers.)

The Massachusetts Office of EMS also has a list.