Favorite hobby?Favorite study space?Val hack?Fun Fact?
Aagaard, Ninanaagaard26Hiking and climbingThird floor science centerArugula from the salad bar on pizzaI can’t read analog clocks
Abdelghany, Amiraaabdelghany26ReadingScience centerSriracha mayo on rice!My first name means "princess" in Arabic.
Arce, Pedro (Liam)parce24Soccer, playing video games, walking my dogScience centerNot much of a hack, but I enjoy mixing the AHA with the blue PoweradeI know a lot of U.S. Presidents Trivia
Avril, Charlottecavril25I have a black belt in martial artsFrost A levelPesto pasta with chicken 
Balagurunath, Ramapriyarbalagurunath26Visual arts of any kindScience Center Passion orange guava with a little cranberry juiceI collect pennies :)
Berner, Elizaeberner25CrochetBeneskiUsing the waffle maker toppings for soft serveI have a dog at home named Monkey

Biscocho, Kyla


kbiscocho25DrawingFirst floor FrostNot val.My last name is a type of bread
Bonilla, Camilacbonilla26Composing musicScience center living roomBreakfast sandwichI participate regularly in the Florida Lottery
Carroll, Timtcarroll25Olympic weightliftingFrost B level because it's actually quietMicrowaving deserts>:)))"}" data-sheets-userformat="{"2":513,"3":{"1":0},"12":0}">I'm vegan >>:)))
Chang, Eugena



CookingScience center psych wing when it's sunnyDark roast + planet oat barista edition + half pump of vanillaI spent my first semester of Amherst in Korea
Chen, Adaalchen25RunningScce 3rd floor in the morning so you can watch the sunriseStrawberry mayo + ham saladI can speed recite the alphabet backwards
Chen, Humphreyhzchen26SewingScience center second floorGranola and cranberries on soft serveI have a fifteen foot poster of Michael B. Jordan hanging over my bed.
Chattopadhyay, Anurimaachattopadhyay24Sleeping :DMy room (booring, I know...)Making cucumber & cream cheese sandwiches!I speak 4 languages!
Davis, Benbdavis26RunningFrost 2nd floorianI’m a twin

Dopp, Ian


idopp24Playing card gamesFrostPanini Press, whipped cream under panini press for ice cream sundaesI can wiggle my ears
Dunham, Jackjdunham25Probably climbingThe science centerMixing lemonade andI've driven over 140 MPH
Fields, Tylertfields25Love to work out! Improve my physical health (helps with my mental health as well).A-levelPesto + Pasta + Goat CheeseI love to sing! I’m in the Zumbyes (A Cappella group on campus).
Feng, Cynthiacfeng26knittingFrost third floor, at the small tables next to the windowspesto and pastaI can fold you four different types of chopstick holders using the paper sleeve!
Fitzhenry, Johnjfitzhenry24Exploring musicOutside (and somewhat study)Making a wrap via panini press and salad bar ingredients (chicken, siracha mayo, spinach, cucumber, bacon, cheese)I keep a jar of chocolate chip cookies next to my bed
Gao, Angelaawgao26pianowhen it’s sunny third floor frost next to the windows when it’s not my roomkale chips using the panini pressi fractured 4 bones in middle school
Garris, Kellenkgarris26Eating things.BeneskiNot really a hack, but maple syrup on turkey paddies.I’m more than half Hungarian.
Glickman, Violetvglickman25Slaying young puppiesScience centerLeave Val and go to Miss SaigonI used to have four turtles
Gomez, Isabelleigomez25Crocheting or walk- run- hike comboFrost c level or chapin loungeWarm salad bowlI’m a twin
Hauschildt, Maxmhauschildt25I really need to figure that out. Involved in too many things.Frost LibraryNot Eating There (Will eat pho/rice bowls though)I was born and raised in Hong Kong, never lived in the US until coming to college. Also the president of a club that deals with sword fighting.
Hernandez, Aideeahernandez25Reading.SCCE Q center (behind the science library desk <3) or Frost 2nd floor when it's quietSoft serve + lucky charms 
Hwang, Kevinkhwang26Movies & Reading Manga/ManhwaSCCE Psych Classroom - 3rd FloorMia's Iced Latte RecipeI recently discovered I have perfect pitch!
Jung, Bomi (Mia)bojung24Taking walks with people I like to spend out with, taking pictures of flowers in the streets, making & drinking coffee, chilling at a cafe.Depends on the mood, but there's a corner in the science center CS department area that is surrounded by windows, and I love to study there because it helps me focus:)I have a vanilla latte recipe that I love sharing with people- with the right amount of cylindrical ice cubes, medium roast coffee, vanilla syrup, non-fat milk, and a lot of swirling... you can get this amazingly refreshing and sweet drink! If you're not into coffee, try the fuze raspberry iced tea if you haven't yet! It's a hidden gem????I love lemons and can eat slices of them like how you'd eat slices of oranges! ????
Kim, Hailin (Angelica)haikim20WorkoutSCCE atriumpesto + cream sauce for pasta when there is no pesto cream sauceI went to Korea over break?
Kim, Hannahhankim25Taking walks aloneGreen cubicle in the science centerDon’t eat. /j. I just put pesto on it and it’s goodI am eating hot Cheetos as I type this.
Koo, Hannahhkoo25playing tennisfirst floor frostputting lemon and salt on the kale (I got this from a friend though)I have a life size cut out of Pitbull in my room at home
Kulik, Sidnieskulik25Running, singingGreen cubicleEnglish muffin with cream cheese and jamGrasshopper (mint oreo) ice cream is my favorite
Kwen, Woohyunwkwen25paintingARMSpesto chicken sandwichI have a pet hermit crab that is 8 years old

Lee, Irene


imlee25Taking .5 selfiesScience Center (tables behind the library desk)Tie between (1) putting Sriracha on everything and (2) Mia's signature iced coffeeI can crack virtually every joint in my body
Lee, Karenkslee25making my friends laughFrost 3rd floorpeanut butter and banana on toastI can untangle jewelry well
Lozier, Bellailozier26Music (making it, listening to it, etc.)BeneskiGrilled cheese or quesadilla on the panini pressI’m from Wisconsin
Martinez, Alexaamartinez26Lifting :,)FrostChicken from the lighter side and shred it into pieces and make that into a sandwich, so yummy. (I will probably hate it in a week :)) Also big fan of peanut butter toast with bananas!I would marry you on the spot if you bought me a pig (they are my favorite animals frfr) <3
Mitchell, Jaredjmitchell26Baking2nd Floor of Frost on the weird chairs.Putting crispy onions on everything.I only have one kidney.

Moomey, Jillian


jmoomey25embroideryscceditch the meal planMy favorite animals are elephants, and an elephant at my local zoo was born on my birthday when I took the ACEMS class.

Noh, Hasun (Sunnie)


hnoh25collecting plants????music librarynot going to val <3i can lick my elbow

Norry, Emily


enorry25backpackingMap Room or the Catacombssoft serve. (not a hack)I'm double jointed in my shoulders :0
Orias, Holdenhorias24baseballradio stationpasta/bacon/tofu always works in a pinchI have perfect pitch!
Palmore, Charlottecpalmore24I have a black belt in martial artsFrost A levelPesto pasta with chicken 

Palreddy, Siri


spalreddy24Shopping to procrastinate!The whiteboards in FrostJam and granola in the vanilla soft serveI overcame a watermelon allergy

Papalia, Elizabeth (Lizzie)


epapalia25Wood workingFrost secondPanini pressI live on a farm
Patel, Anushkaabpatel26DanceThe science centerSoft serve ice cream on wafflesI went to the same high school as James Charles

Patin, Ryn


dpatin25readingI love studying in the study rooms with friendsI'm off the meal plan but it used to be an iced coffee with ice creamI have an artificial eardrum

Perozek, Isabel


iperozek25Crocheting or walk- run- hike comboFrost c level or chapin loungeWarm salad bowl 
Platt, Allieaplatt26Figure skatingScience center couchesSoft serve with lucky charmsI took care of elephants in Thailand a few summers ago.

Ridky, Annika


aridky25Playing guitarfrost 3rd by the windowsmilkshakesI can beatbox

Rose, Elizabeth


erose25Being OutsideScience Center 2nd FloorPasta w/ Pesto + Goat Cheese from Salad BarI had a world record in Mario Kart.

Rossi, Inés


irossi25watching the sunsetA level ????????sriracha. mayo.my favorite color is blue
Sanchez, Miamjsanchez26hiking!Beneski reading roomlucky charms + ice creamwhen I was a kid I went to circus camp every summer
Savoie, Calebcsavoie26Instagram reelsGreen cubicle in the science centerMaking my own sweet teaI have a twin
Santi, Aydenasanti26LacrosseScience CenterPanini with chips inside itI won the Van Gogh award in 3rd grade

Shenwari, Zakaria


zshenwari25Soccerundecided, Frost maybedrink combo experiment: blue mountain + lemonade + spritecan speak 5 languages
Sinsel, Aimeeasinsel26Staring at and watering my obsessively large plant collectionMy room for the quad when it’s warm outside <3Pouring hot coffee over ice because not having iced coffee in the winter is a sinI do phlebotomy and think it’s so satisfying to poke people
Stole, Carolinecstole24Playing lacrosseScience centerPutting cereal in icecreamI once did the pedigree of gaten matarazo (Dustin from stranger things)
Suh, Madisonmsuh26Sailing2nd floor FrostKale chipsI have one double jointed thumb and one non jointed thumb
Weiss, Juliajweiss25listening to musicscience center quesadilla and/or balsamic on most thingsi can touch my nose with my tongue

Wishner, Sydney


swishner24HikingScience center tables near the science libraryPutting pesto on a paniniI studied abroad in Kenya and volunteered at an ER there

Yohannes, Fiona


fyohannes25Cooking and dancingFrost 3rdTie between Beyonce and Lauryn HillI was named after Fiona from Shrek!
Yuen, Ashleyacyuen25Singing acapellaScience Center and Frost A LevelGet some soft serve vanilla ice cream and add coffee to make an affogato--as someone who's not a super huge fan of ice cream nor coffee, this is absolutely amazing. Especially if you're feeling tired, this dessert will wake you up.I have a twin who also goes to Amherst College :)
Yuen, Laurenlyuen25ReadingSCCE podsBrown rice with hummus and pestoHave a twin who goes to Amherst + got into ACEMS this cycle :)
Xu, Alyssaaxu25I love to watch movies and bakeScience centerPB banana chia seed cinnamon toastI'm from Canada and I have a red standard poodle
Zhang, Elizabetheyzhang24SkateboardValput honey balsamic on everythingi have kept a plant alive for almost 2 years!
Zhang, Jerryjhzhang25Tennis/pianoSuite common room Pesto pasta with chickenI like to watch nature documentaries
Zhou, Annaazhou25playing stardew valley!my bednot goingI love carbonara flavored ramen
Ziada, Ahmadaziada26ChessFrost A-LevelA bit of citrus juice with diet cokeMy favorite movie is The Shawshank Redemption