Amherst College Amnesty Policy

Below you will find Amherst College's Amnesty Policy, current as of April 2023.

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Amherst College's Amnesty Policy 142.64 KB

Community Safety Team

The community safety team (made up of communitt safety assistants, or CSAs) respond to many of our calls with us. See the below document for more information about this team and their role on scene. Current as of April 2023.

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Community Safety Team Information.pdf 42.6 KB

Glucometer Protocols

ACEMS' full Glucometer Protocols, current as of April 2023.

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Glucometer Protocols.pdf 106.81 KB

Hospital/Urgent Care Summary

This is a summary of nearby care facilities that patients may be transported to. It is important to have this infomation for when your patients ask, so you can give them a clear sense of their options and where they might be headed.

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Hospital/Urgent Care Information 50.86 KB

Onboarding Spring 2023

Below, please find the slides from the Spring 2023 Onboarding session! Always feel free to contact the board with any questions. We are so excited to have you on the squad!!

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Onboarding (Spring '23).pdf 4.06 MB

Run Reports!

Here are some instructions about how to write a run report! Please remember to write with your audience (Dr. Jones at the health center) in mind! If you read your own report without having been on the call, what questions would you have?

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Run Report Tips 327.89 KB

STX Slides (03/25/23)

Below, please find the slides from STX in March 2023! Please reach out to the board with any questions!

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SlayTX Spring 2023 Presentation.pdf 1.72 MB