Providers at the Health Center provide visits for the evaluation of Attention Deficit Disorder.  To assist in an initial diagnosis, students will be referred to an outside specialist for neuropsychiatric testing.  The Health Center providers, as well as the Center for Counseling and Mental Health providers, will prescribe medications when deemed appropriate based on the evaluation and testing.  Upon initiating prescription medication, if the medication is a controlled substance, we will have the student sign a treatment contract. We will also work with the Office of Accessibility Services to obtain accommodations when indicated.

If you are a student already diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and are taking prescribed medications from your home provider – you may opt to continue working with your home provider.  If you are interested in having one of the Health Center providers take over prescribing your medications, we will request notes from your home provider as well as a copy of your neuropsychiatric testing to review prior to a visit with one of our providers.