Prescription Pick-Up Service

Amherst College students are able to pick up prescriptions (filled at University Health Services) at the Health Center during business hours in both the fall and spring academic semesters.

When students are prescribed a medication to be filled at the University Health Services pharmacy (on the UMass Amherst campus), that prescription is brought by courier from the University Health Services pharmacy to the Keefe Health Center. When the medication arrives at the Health Center, students receive email notification that they are able to pick up their prescription. Prescription pick-up and drop-off is M/T/Th/F from 8:30 am-4:30 pm and W from 10:00 am- 4:30 pm.  Please pick up and drop off all prescriptions on the
Keefe Health Center porch, on the Residence Hall A side of the building .

If you have questions about a prescription, please call (413) 542-2267.

Refill Requests

When calling to request a refill on an existing medication that was previously picked up at the Keefe Health Center, and has refills remaining, students will need to contact University Health Services Pharmacy directly at (413) 577-5030 or online at

If students are requesting a prescription transfer, either to the University Health Services pharmacy from a home pharmacy, or from University Health to a different pharmacy, please call the pharmacy directly.

If a prescription has been sent to the University Health Services pharmacy by a home/outside provider, students should call the University Health Services Pharmacy to make sure that it was received. The prescription will then be delivered to the Health Center.

Prescription Renewals

If a prescription written by one of the Health Center providers currently has no refills left, please contact the Health Center 1 week prior to needing the medication to allow the providers proper time to review the renewal request and send the prescription to the pharmacy.  Certain medication renewals may require a follow-up visit in the Health Center.  

Payment for Prescriptions

There may be a co-pay for medications picked up at the Keefe Health Center. It is the students responsibility to make sure that up to date/active prescription card information is on file at the Health Center. 

Students may pay for prescriptions with cash, AC dollars, or have the co-pay applied to their student account. We cannot accept debit, credit, or FSA cards.