The Keefe Health Center offers a range of services for trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming students including: general medical care, initiation or continuation of hormone therapy for medical transition and information about and referrals for gender affirming surgery.

The Health Center asks for name used, sex assigned at birth, pronouns and gender identity as part of the New Student Required Health Forms on entrance to Amherst College. At least once annually, this information will be asked again as part of a Gender & Sexual Identity questionnaire at the Health Center if you are in for a visit; however, if there are any changes to this information prior to that time, it can be updated at any time by talking to the Health Center staff. 

The Health Center staff has been trained in trans affirming care, and will take care to use your chosen name and pronouns whenever possible in interpersonal interactions, however, there are some times that you can expect to see your legal name in print or asked for purposes of identification for medical record and related testing. If you call to make an appointment, the front desk staff may ask for your legal name to confirm that they have the correct chart. If you have blood drawn, the medical assistant or nurse will ask you to confirm your legal name and date of birth. Prescriptions, lab slips, requisitions for x-rays and other tests will have your legal name as well.