The Commonwealth of Massachusetts mandates that every student is enrolled in a qualifying health insurance plan. Amherst College offers an insurance plan underwritten by Blue Cross Blue Shield and managed by Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk insurance (known as Gallagher Insurance) to enrolled students. 

On July 15, 2019, the student insurance health forms, insurance waiver, and other materials will be available at the Gallagher Insurance web site.

The current Gallagher student insurance coverage is effective until August 14, 2020 and terminates at midnight 12:01 AM (or at the end of the period through which the premiums are paid).

If a student's medical needs requires them to be seen by a private medical office (a provider who is not part of the Keefe Health center staff) the student is responsible for any co-payment that may be due at the time of visit. We advise to call your insurance company to confirm your insurance benefits.

Students are required to present their insurance card at the time of medical appointments.