The Commonwealth of Massachusetts mandates that every student is enrolled in a qualifying health insurance plan. Amherst College offers an insurance plan underwritten by Blue Cross Blue Shield and managed by Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk insurance (known as Gallagher Insurance) to enrolled students. 

the student insurance health forms, insurance waiver, and other materials are now available at the Gallagher Insurance website.

The current Gallagher student insurance coverage is effective until January 4, 2021 and terminates at midnight 12:01 AM (or at the end of the period through which the premiums are paid).

If a student's medical needs requires them to be seen by a private medical office (a provider who is not part of the Keefe Health center staff) the student is responsible for any co-payment that may be due at the time of visit. We advise to call your insurance company to confirm your insurance benefits.

Students are required to present their insurance information at the time of medical appointments.



There will be a $10 office visit copay for medical appointments off campus. Excluded from this are outpatient mental health visits and preventive care services. These are at no cost when you use in-network providers. Preventative care visits at no cost include routine physicals and examinations, yearly eye screenings, GYN examinations, and most immunizations.

Due to COVID-19, international students studying outside of the U.S. for the Fall semester are allowed to waive coverage. The Gallagher website will be updated to allow for this.

Reminder for Amherst College graduates: if you elected to continue coverage with your Gallagher/BCBS plan, be aware your policy ends January 4, 2021. This special continuation was offered to the Spring 2020 class for the fall semester only. 

Reminder for Amherst College students on leave for the Fall of 2020: if you elected to continue coverage with your Gallagher/BCBS plan, be aware your policy ends January 4, 2021. This special continuation was offered for the fall semester only. If you are not an enrolled student for the Spring Semester you will not be eligible insurance coverage through Gallagher BCBS.

Amherst College 2021E graduates are eligible to continue their Gallagher/BCBS for the remainder of the policy year. The coverage is from 1/5/2021-8/18/2021. The cost is $1,368.00 payable directly to Gallagher. Information will be available soon regarding what forms are needed to be completed.

Please visit the Frequently Asked Question page on the Gallagher website for more information. 

Health Scholarship

Students who receive scholarship aid from the College may request additional grant aid to pay for the College’s health insurance plan if their family does not have health insurance or substantially equivalent coverage that is available in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. A “Request for Scholarship–Health” form should be completed and submitted to the Office of Financial Aid; it is available in the “Forms and Helpful Links” section of the Office of Financial Aid website.

If you are experiencing trouble with Gallagher and/or your policy, please contact Gallagher at 1-800-379-6183. If you are not able to reach anyone at Gallagher, or have any BCBS questions or issues, please contact Blue Cross Blue Shield at 1-800-253-5210. Please note, due to COVID - Gallagher student insurance has been experiencing a large volume of calls/inquiries and wait times and getting answers may take longer than normal. If you continue to have difficulty logging in, waiving, or enrolling on the Gallagher website report this to . They will report this to Gallagher to address the problem.