Academic Semester Hours

  • The Health Center is open Monday-Friday closed weekends and college recognized holidays, while school is in session.
  • The Health Center is open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm and on Wednesdays from 10:00 am- 5:00 pm., (during the semester)

  • Attention! Summer hours
    Beginning Tuesday, May 31 until August 19, 2022 the Health Center will have the following hours:
    Monday: 9 am - 4 pm 
    Tuesday: 9 am - 4 pm 
    Wednesday: 10 am - 4 pm
    Thursday: 9 am - 4 pm 
    Friday: 9 am - 4 pm 
    We will resume regular business hours Monday, August 22,2022

  • Attention - days the Health Center will be closed/closing early:
    We will be closed Monday, July 4, 2022

Accessing Keefe Health Center Spring 2022:
Accessing care at the Health Center is by appointment only. There is NO walk-in care. Call 413-542-2267
or email
Check in for appointments will be done outside of the building at the side entrance next to Moore Dorm.
This will be done by mobile device(if you do not have one let the person making your appointment know

Accessing Acute Care Clinic: Accessing care for the clinic will also be by appointment only. Call 413-542-2267.
The Acute Care Clinic is located on the first floor of Residential Hall A (formerly Taplin).

PRESCRIPTIONS: Pick up and drop off will done from the porch on the Residential Hall A (formerly Taplin)
side of the building. Prescriptions can be picked up while the Health Center is open, up until 4:30 pm. 

EMERGENCY CARE: Amherst College Police Department has a 24 hour dispatcher.
The emergency number is: 
413-542-2111. Please program this into your cell phone if you have one. Call this number for emergencies.

After Hours Care During COVID19 Pandemic

  • When the Keefe Health Center is closed you are instructed to call the main office number at
    (413-542-2267) and press the on-call Nurse triage option. The Nurse will assess your
    symptoms and recommend the course of care you should take. 

  • We recommend you speak with the phone triage Nurse regarding all illnesses or injuries
    before seeking further care unless you have an emergency. Call 413-542-2111 for all

    • Follow same procedure as above – but if you are going to be seen at UHS – Follow the signs for the UHS Covid-19 Testing and Respiratory Clinic in the rear of the building

       The phone triage Nurse may recommend you go to an urgent care center. We strongly
      recommend that you check their websites for evening and weekend hours and call them
      first before seeking care. Not all urgent care centers are still doing in person visits for
      people with respiratory illnesses. Below is a list of local urgent care centers:

      After Hours COVID and non-COVID Care

      UMass Health Services (UHS) afterhours –

      Acute Care Clinic Hours are:

      Sat/Sun/Holidays 11:00am-5:00pm   (Lab and X-ray are open 11-5)

      Weekday: 5:00pm-8:00pm   (X-ray open Mon-Thurs until 7:00pm, Friday until 6:00pm. No Lab)

      To Access UHS Afterhours

      • you must first call the UHS minute Nurse Like at 413-577-5229
      • leave a message stating you are an Amherst college student, name, date of birth, cell phone number, and your reason for calling
      • wait for a call back – students are seen by appointment only

      See below for details:

      Non Covid Concerns:

      • when you get the call back from the nurse – they will assess your symptoms and direct your care. They may recommend Cooley Dickinson Hospital Emergency Room if what you need is beyond their capacity for care
      • If they are going to see you at UHS – ask the nurse to transfer you so you can register by phone
      • Have your insurance information ready

      Covid Concerns – suspected or positive:

  •  For care for possible COVID illness:

    MedExpress Urgent Care, 424 Russell Street, Hadley, MA 01035    Hours 8am-7pm 6 days a week (closed Friday's)

    Cooley Dickinson Northampton Urgent Care (at the hospital): Hours are 9:00am-5pm seven days a week, closed Thanksgiving and Christmas. For someone with possible covid symptoms symptoms call 413-582-2881.

    For non-COVID concerns:

    MedExpress Urgent Care, 424 Russell Street, Hadley, MA  Hours 8am-8pm 7 days a week.

    University Health Services 150 Infirmary Way Amherst MA 01003 Weekends 11am-5pm. By appointment only. You will need to register by phone: 413-577-5101. Then call 413-270-6628 and speak to the Nurse who will direct your care.

    Cooley Dickinson Urgent Care - Amherst, 170 University Drive Suite 102, Amherst, MA 01002
    Hours 8am-8pm Monday-Friday, Weekends 9am-5pm  and can be reached at 1-888-554-4234

Emergency Care

Those with medical emergencies should proceed to Cooley Dickinson Hospital.

Local Pharmacies

In addition to prescription pick-up from the Keefe Health Center (prescriptions delivered from UHS), the following local pharmacies are available for prescriptions. Call pharmacy for additional information including hours of operation.

  • CVS at 76 North Pleasant Street, Amherst MA                  Phone #: (413) 253-9307
  • CVS at 165 University Drive, Amherst MA                         Phone #: (413) 256-0421
  • Amherst Pharmacy at 381 College Street, Amherst MA   Phone # (413) 253-0387
  • Walmart at 337 Russell Street, Hadley MA                        Phone #: (413) 586-4231


Community Resources for evaluation and treatment for possible COVID19

MedExpress in Hadley is a COVID19 testing site

They are open 8:00am-8:OOpm, seven days a week.

See website for more information

Cooley Dickinson Community Call Center

Phone: 1-888-554-4235

They have a list of Primary Care Providers that are accepting new patients.

If someone is seeking testing only you will then speak with a Registered Nurse.

They will assess your symptoms and if you meet current CDC criteria you will be tested in the tent in front of the hospital.