Health Records and Privacy

All medical care at the Health Center is confidential. If you are seen at the Health Center for medical services, information about your health care will be entered into the electronic medical record. The electronic medical record is separate from any of your other records. The electronic medical record has a highly secure Patient Portal which is used to report test results and allows for communication between you and your provider.

Consent for Treatment of Students Under 18

If a student is under the age of 18 upon arrival to campus, even if they will turn 18 within the course of that academic year, parents or guardians must fill out a consent form authorizing the Health Center to provide treatment to the student. 

Release of Medical Information

Patients 18 years and older must fill out an Authorization to Release or Obtain Medical Records to release any information.  

The Health Center will not release any information about you without your written permission, except in the event of emergency medical treatment, state reportable disease, when otherwise required by law or as necessary to protect you or others from a serious threat to health or safety.

Requesting Medical Records

Health and immunization records are kept on-site at the Health Center for a minimum of 7 years after date of graduation.  Your records may be released or obtained by completing an Authorization to Release or Obtain Medical Records. Graduating seniors should consider obtaining a copy of their medical records, particularly immunizations, prior to graduation as they will often need these records in the future.