Amherst College Sexual Respect Task Force



We envision a campus and community free of sexual violence.


The Sexual Respect Task Force is a committee of students, faculty and staff at Amherst College which reviews practices and recommends strategies to create and foster a culture of Sexual Respect at Amherst. We recognize that working towards creating a community free of sexual violence must be accomplished in tandem with the elimination of all other types of oppression.

The work of the Sexual Respect Task Force includes:
  • Review services and strategies to make recommendations for creating a cultural shift toward greater sexual respect and personal accountability.
  • Review and assess programs and models at peer institutions for the prevention of sexual violence, including programs that recognize the correlation between sexual assault and high risk drinking.
  • Review climate survey data to inform recommendations for areas of focus.
  • Review new technology to assess its utility on campus.
  • Review major campus programs through the lense of sexual respect and provide feedback and recommendations for implementation of trauma-informed best practices.  
  • Plan, implement and support campus-wide programming for faculty, staff and students related to sexual violence prevention, support for survivors, sexual respect education and healthy masculinity.
We recognize and affirm that:
  • All members of society have a right to be free from sexual violence.
  • Experiences with and reactions to sexual violence vary from person to person and are deeply connected to held and perceived identities.
  • Individuals have the right to identify their experiences and identities on their own terms.
  • Oppression is a root cause of sexual violence.
  • All those affected by sexual violence have the right to receive compassionate, culturally relevant and accessible services.  
  • Eliminating the conditions that cause and perpetuate sexual violence is critical work in preventing rape and sexual violence.


  • Lisa Brooks, Professor of English and American Studies; Director of Studies (co-chair)
  • Jonathan Obert, Assistant Professor of Political Science
Administration and Staff
  • Laura Fusari, Psychotherapist, Project Manager for CASA, Outreach Coordinator for Sexual Assault Services, Counseling Center
  • Marie Lalor, Director of New Student Programs
  • Nayah Mullings, Director of the Women’s and Gender Center
  • Justin Serpone, Coach, Physical Education and Athletics
  • Cara Sullivan, Detective, Amherst College Police Officer
  • Amanda Collings Vann, Director of Health Education, Deputy Title IX Coordinator (co-chair)
  • Andrea Quiles-Sanchez 18
  • Sanyu Takirambudde 18
  • Shruthi Badri 16
  • Andrew Orozco 17
For More Information

If you would like more information on the Sexual Respect Task Force please contact Amanda Collings Vann at