Student Handbook Appendix B:  

I.            Purpose and Scope of Policy
  1.         Statement of Institutional Values
  2.         Purpose of Policy
  3.         Scope
  4.         Coordination with Non-Discrimination Policy

II.          Notice of Non-Discrimination

III.         College Statement on Privacy

IV.         Prohibited Conduct and Definitions
  1.         Definition of Sexual Harassment
  2.         Forms of Prohibited Sexual Harassment
  3.         Additional Forms of Prohibited Sexual Misconduct
  4.         Statement on Consent, Coercion, Incapacitation, and Alcohol

V.           Resources
  1.         Overview
  2.         Confidential Resources and Support
  3.         Campus Resources
  4.         Community Resources

VI.         Reporting
  1.         Emergency/Immediate Reporting Options
  2.         Campus Reporting Options
  3.         Anonymous Reporting
  4.         Reporting Patterns of Sexual Harassment
  5.         Time Frame for Reporting
  6.         Coordination with Law Enforcement
  7.         Amnesty for Students Who Report Sexual Misconduct
  8.         Bystander Intervention
  9.         Statement Against Retaliation

VII.       Interim Measures

VIII.      Title IX Review
  1.         Role of the Title IX Coordinator
  2.         Role of the Title IX Team
  3.         Initial Assessment
  4.         Investigation
  5.         Request for Confidentiality
  6.         Time Frame for Resolution 


Student Handbook Appendix C:

I.           Introduction

II.          Preliminary Matters
  a.         Timing of Complaints
  b.         Jurisdiction
  c.         Effect of Criminal Proceedings
  d.         Effect of Pending Complaint on Respondent
  e.         Amnesty
  f.          Advisor
  g.         Agreements Not Recognized by the College
  h.         Communications

III.         Initiating a Complaint
  a.         Individual
  b.         Administrative

IV.          Filing Requirements

V.           Information for Complainant

VI.          Interim Measures

VII.        Withdrawal of Complaint

VIII.       Responding to Complaint
  a.         Notification of Respondent
  b.         Information for Respondent
  c.         Acceptance of Responsibility

IX.         Investigation Phase
  a.         Investigator
  b.         Investigation Process
  c.         Report

X.           Resolution
  a.         Voluntary Resolution
  b.         Sexual Misconduct Hearing Process