On February 3, 2022, President Martin announced to the community the “[launch] [of] a new, comprehensive review of the issue of sexual misconduct and assault on campus, including an analysis of the underlying causes, all of the ways that it affects our community, and the reasons that survivors may be reluctant to come forward.”

The College has engaged Gina Smith and Leslie Gomez of Cozen O’Connor, national experts in issues related to sexual misconduct on college campuses, who will be working with our community in various ways over the spring semester. Their goal will be to learn as much as possible about the cultural factors that affect our community’s experiences with and response to sexual misconduct and to review College processes and practices related to prevention and response to sexual misconduct.

Online Platform Open

All community members are invited to share their perspectives, observations, and feedback anonymously with Gina Maisto Smith and Leslie Gomez of Cozen O’Connor. Please note: the survey-style platform is hosted by Cozen O’Connor and responses will only be viewable by Cozen O’Connor. No personally-identifying information is captured unless you manually share it at the conclusion of the survey.)

Open Listening Sessions with Gina & Leslie:

As part of the newly launched review of sexual respect and sexual misconduct at Amherst, there will be separate virtual drop-in listening sessions for staff, students, and faculty with Gina Maisto Smith and Leslie Gomez of Cozen O’Connor.  Zoom information for each session is listed below.

Staff—Open Listening Session

Students—Open Listening Session

Faculty—Open Listening Session


Statement about Mandated Reporting and Privacy in this Process:

It is critical to us that every community member feels that they can fully engage with this review process. Therefore:

  1. The Title IX office has lifted all mandatory reporting requirements for all staff and student leaders for the listening sessions and all stages of this review process.
  2. Students who identify a need for support or resources during any listening session will be directed to appropriate campus resources.
  3. If you have questions or concerns about participating, you may email Gina (gmsmith@cozen.com) or Leslie (lgomez@cozen.com).

This review and the opportunities it will provide to share are not meant to serve as a place to report prohibited conduct for which you are seeking supportive measures or an investigation response under the College’s Title IX or NonDiscrimination and Harassment policies.

Information about how to make a report to the Title IX office or a confidential disclosure to an on or off-campus confidential resources