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Excessive Excercise

How To Tell If Exercise Has Become a Part of an Eating Disorder

by Ann Kerr, B.Sc. O.T.

Ask yourself...

  • Am I exercising to get fit or loose weight?
  • Do I think of the time I spend exercising in terms of calories?
  • If I miss my exercise time do I feel anxious, guilty, or empty?
  • If I miss me exercise, do I deny myself of food?
  • Do I organize my eating around exercising?
  • Do I exercise in proportion to what I have eaten?
  • Do I resent exercising with others becase it will slow me down?
  • Do I exercise to get rid of my feelings?

If you answer "yes" to most of these questions, exercise may have become part of an eating disorder. Please, if you need more information, call Health Services.