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As the sexual assault/domestic violence movement grew out of the women’s community and from a place of empowerment and healing by and for women, a significant portion of the population of victims were ignored at best, and re‐victimized, ridiculed and denied services, at worst. This population consists of male victims (as well as any gender victims when the perpetrator is female). Male victims are far less likely to report violence committed against them.  The male victims that do report and/or seek professional help are often faced with challenges such as:
• society's stigma for not protecting themselves
• victimization because they fail to conform to the Macho man stereotype
• being perceived as a wimp
• not being believed because they are men
• being denied the status of victim
• are removed from or asked to leave their homes because it is the easy option
• have no support systems in place ‐ they have no "listening ear"

For assistance with some of these challenges, please feel free to contact the Peer Advocates (413.548.6798).

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If You Need to Talk to Someone

The University of Massachusetts Center for Women & Community provides confidential rape crisis counseling to men and women, 24 hours a day, at (413) 545-0800.


See the Sexual Respect and Title IX website for additional contacts and more information.