What You Should Know About Plan B

What Is Plan B?

Plan B is one type of "morning-after" pill. Some individuals chose it over "morning-after" pills because it is less likely to cause nausea. It must be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy. Plan B can be used when the contraceptive fails or no contraceptive is used. It is for emergency use, and should not replace a regular kind of contraception. If there is any chance that you might be pregnant already, do not take these pills. Plan B does not protect against transmission of HIV or sexually transmitted infections.

How Effective Is Plan B?

Plan B reduces the risk of pregnancy after unprotected sex by 89%. The sooner treatment is started after unprotected sex, the most effective the treatment.

Where Can I Access Plan B?

Plan B is available at Amherst College Health Services and University Health Services (open evenings and weekends), and the cost is $15. Plan B can only be used once during each cycle. Remember that Plan B will be prescribed specifically for you.

This information is provided to help your understanding, but it is not meant to replace a discussion between you and your health care provider. If you have had unprotected sex, please see a health care provider as soon as possible to discuss your options, and to see if Plan B is right for you.



If You Need to Talk to Someone

The University of Massachusetts Center for Women & Community provides confidential rape crisis counseling to men and women, 24 hours a day, at (413) 545-0800.


See the Sexual Respect and Title IX website for additional contacts and more information.