Student Health Service

Upfront Tuition Assistance

If you are an Amherst College student and need upfront tuition assistance for EMT class, please notify ACEMS (purple box). The availability of upfront tuition assistance is not guaranteed. If you need tuition assistance, please check with us before signing up for any EMT class.

In addition, ACEMS reimburses its members for the full cost the Interterm EMT Class held at Amherst College as well as state certification Fees. One half of the full reimbursement amount is awarded for every two semesters a member runs in good standing with the squad. That means members can be reimbursed for the full cost of the Interterm EMT Class and State Certification after four semesters. However, applicants must have taken the Interterm EMT class at Amherst College to qualify for reimbursement.

Please note thatĀ the conferment of membership inĀ ACEMS is contingent upon ACEMS staffing needs and the applicant's performance in written and practical evaluations during the ACEMS application process. Passing EMT class and attaining state EMT certification does not guarantee acceptance. Update: Beginning with the Interterm EMT class of January 2012, members must attain and maintain Massachusetts EMT certification to receive educational reimbursement. First responder certification alone no longer qualifies a member to receive educational reimbursement.


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