Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: When is the best time to come to Valentine?

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How can students give feedback to Dining Services?

Comments and suggestions are always welcome. You can submit feedback online here. You are also welcome to fill out a comment card in the dining hall. All signed suggestions will be addressed by Valentine Managers. If you have a concern which requires immediate attention, please call the Dining Services Office at extension 2221.

If I am sick and unable to go to Val to eat, can I still get my meals?

A meal can then be picked up by a friend or roommate if dining services has received prior notice from Student Affairs or Health Services. They will need to present your ID to the Meal Checker at the entrance to the Dining Hall.

Can I bring a guest?

Yes. Students on the meal plan are given two free guest passes a semester. In addition, you may purchase discounted guest meals if you have AC DOLLAR$. Otherwise, guest meals can be purchased at the full cash prices.

What if I have special dietary needs or a food allergy?

Please visit our ACNutrition website to view nutrition, ingredient and allergen information of the food served in the dining halls. Individual nutritional assessments are available for those students with special dietary needs or restrictions. Special meal arrangements can be made through Joe Flueckiger, Director of Dining Services. We are proud to offer an "Allergen Friendly" section in our dining hall, featuring many food items for our guests including soy milk & cheese, gluten free breads, pastas & pizza, and allergen friendly soups. There is also a gluten free toaster & microwave available.

Can I eat my meals at any of the other nearby colleges?

Amherst College Students may obtain a Five College Meal Pass from the receptionist in the Dining Services Office, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Students with a pass are permitted to eat any meal Monday through Friday at any of the Five Colleges. However, a student must have a class or other authorized reason to partake in these meals.

What is your policy regarding Kosher meals?

We provide Kosher meal service during Passover. Arrangements and signs ups are coordinated though the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life. If you have other questions about Kosher meals please contact Joe Flueckiger at .

Can I reserve Valentine Hall for a private meeting?

There are three private meeting rooms in Valentine Hall available for groups to reserve. Advance notice is required by calling 413-542-2220, or stopping by the Dining Services office between 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Can I get lunches to go?

Valentine offers a Grab-N-Go program, located at Schwemm’s Coffee House Monday through Friday from 11am-2:30pm.  For more information & menus please visit the Grab-N-Go page.

Do we recycle any of our waste at Val?

We recycle the following items from our dining rooms and kitchens: glass, aluminum, tin, plastic, paper, cardboard and food waste for compost.

Using recycled products completes the recycling process. We are active recyclers and use a variety of recycled products in our facilities. Recycled paper is used in our copiers, fax machines and printers. Brochures, flyers and other publications are printed on recycled paper whenever possible. Unbleached napkins are used in all our dining facilities.

Am I allowed to take any food out of the Dining Hall?

The following items are allowed to be taken out of the Dining Hall:

  1. One piece of fruit, a cup of cereal, an ice cream cone or a drink all of which must be taken in your own personal travel mug.
  2. A sandwich, bagel, muffin or dessert item.
  3. At no time are Dining Hall utensils, china, plastic dishes, salt and pepper shakers or trays to be taken from the dining area.
  4. Any student caught not adhering to the policies must surrender their ID and may pay a fine of 25$.

Where can I order a special occasion cake or care package for my student?

The town of Amherst is home to a number of bakeries that are able to deliver cakes and care packages to students.  Please visit their websites for more information.

Can I put table tents out in Val to advertise or promote an individual or group cause, event etc?

Table Tent Policy

  1. All groups must sign in their table tents before they will be allowed to place them in the dining rooms.  Signing in includes: Name of person or group placing the table tents, telephone number, group account number, date table tents are being placed and the date table tents will be picked up. Without the above information, we will not allow groups to place table tents. Tents that are not signed in and are placed out on tables will be disposed of.
  2. We ask that you also leave us one copy of your table tent with your name, ID # and pick-up date printed clearly on the back.
  3. The table tents may be out in the dining hall for only three days, and all table tents must be removed at the end of those three days or the day following the event (whichever comes first).
  4. It is the discretion of the Dining Service's Office to deny any group placement of table tents if they are offensive or seem inappropriate to be on dining room tables.
  5. Dining Services is not responsible for the removal or disposal of table tents while out in the dining hall
  6. Table tents should not be more than 4" x 6" inches. Any other size will not be accepted.
  7. There are 60 tables in Valentine Dining Hall that are available for table tents.
  8. Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., will be the only time table tents can be signed in. There will be no sign-in on weekends.

 Q: Who can I contact at Dining Services?