Meal Plan Exemption Request

Meal Plan Exemption Requests

As a Residential Campus we require all students living on campus to participate in the Meal Plan. We believe this participation builds community and is an essential part of the student life experience. We also recognize there can be circumstances which make participation in our Meal Plan difficult. Exemptions are generally not granted for the following reasons: financial, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free diets, work, class, or practice schedules, access to a kitchen, or personal preferences. If you are experiencing challenges of any kind we encourage you to fill out the form below so we can support you. When exemptions are not granted, modifications are often possible to support your nutrition.

Step One

The first step in this process for students is a meeting with Megan Scutti, our Nutritonist. Once the Exemption Form is completed students will be contacted in order to schedule a meeting.  

Step Two

In many cases a decision about this can be made quickly, however some circumstances may require the review of our Meal Plan Exemption Committee. The committee is comprised of representatives from Students Affairs, Dining Services, Health Services, Interanational Student Life and Religious Life. This group evaluates your request and makes a determination as quickly as possible. The Committee meets regularly however a determination may take up to 2 weeks. 

If you are granted an exemption, the funds granted will be retroactive from the date of submission.  

We are deeply committed to creating a safe and enjoyable dining environmment for the students of Amherst College. Whether it's through a dialogue, nutritional education or modification we endeavor to support our Amherst College Students with healthy, great tasting food.  

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The first step in this process is a meeting with Joseph Flueckiger, Director of Dining Services. They will be in touch to schedule a time that is convenient for you. Exemption requests based upon religious beliefs will be directed to our Director of Religious Life (Harrison Blum).

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