Under the Full Meal Plan you will receive:

  • Unlimited access to the dining hall Sunday through Saturday for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Two guest passes on your card per semester. (Unused guest passes will not be carried over from semester to semester.)

Note: All first-year students are required to use the Full Meal Plan during their first year.

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I use the full meal plan?

The Full Meal Plan can be used in Valentine Hall or at Grab-N-Go located in the Keefe Campus Center.

How often may I enter the dining hall during one meal period?

You may enter the dining hall an unlimited number of times during breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you choose to use Grab-N-Go, you may also use your meal plan at ValetineDining Hall during that meal period.

May I bring a guest into the dining hall on my full meal plan?

You are welcome to use your guest passes or AC DOLLAR$ (if you deposited money into this account) to bring a guest in the dining hall.

May I let someone borrow my meal card?

No, under the plan rules, the card is non-transferable. If you are caught using someone else's card, or lending your card to someone else, the meal checkers and cashiers will confiscate the card, and each party may be fined $25.

May I change my meal plan next semester?

Yes, all non-first year students will be given an opportunity to change their meal plan at the beginning of each semester.

May I change my meal plan during the semester?

No, meal plans can only be changed at the beginning of each semester. All eligible students will receive information via email about meal plan options.

Can I add declining balance dollars to the full meal plan?

No, you cannot add dollars to your meal plan, but you may deposit money into your AC DOLLAR$ account.