Lunch & Dinner Meal Plan with $100 in Bonus Bucks

Under the Lunch & Dinner Plan, you will receive:
  • Unlimited access to the dining hall, seven days a week, for lunch and dinner only.
  • $100 in bonus bucks per semester, which can be used as cash in Valentine, Schwemm's Coffee House, Frost Cafe, Grab-N-Go, Science Center Cafe and in vending machines on campus equipped with card readers.
    • Bonus bucks are non-refundable.
    • Bonus bucks expire at the end of each semester.

Sign-up for Spring 2022 Lunch & Dinner Plan is available until 4PM on Wednesday, February 16th! Email to enroll!

Note: The Lunch & Dinner Plan is available to sophomores, juniors and seniors. First-year students must use the Full Meal Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I enter the dining hall during one meal period?

You may enter the dining hall an unlimited number of times during lunch and dinner only.

Does the Lunch & Dinner Plan cost more or less than the Full Meal Plan?

The cost of the Lunch & Dinner Meal Plan is the same as the Full Meal Plan.  The Lunch & Dinner Meal Plan is designed to give those students that do not regularly attend breakfast an opportunity to better utilize their meal plan with the use of Bonus Bucks.

May I bring a guest into the dining hall on my Lunch & Dinner Meal Plan?

Currently, guests are not allowed on campus.

Can I add money to my bonus bucks?

No. If you wish to add more money to your card you may do so through your AC DOLLAR$ account.

May I let someone borrow my meal card?

No, under the plan rules, the card is non-transferable. If you are caught using someone else's card, or lending your card to someone else, the meal checkers and cashiers will confiscate the card, and each party may be fined $25.