All snack orders, platters and refreshments include appropriate condiments and supplies.

Snacks (Priced Individually)

Smartfood Popcorn $1.00 each
Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips $2.00 each
Cape Cod Potato Chips $1.00 each
Kind Bars  $2.50 each
LaraBars $2.00 each
Trail Mix  $1.50 each

Sweets (Priced per Dozen)

Basic Cookies $7.00 per dozen
Gourmet Cookies $9.00 per dozen
Assorted Brownie Bites $12.00 per dozen
Whoopie Pies $30.00 per dozen

S’mores Supplies

  • Graham Crackers, Marshmallows, Chocolate Bars, and Skewers with Vegan and Gluten Free equivalents.
    $7.50 per person (minimum guest count 20)

NOTE: To reserve the Firepit in front of Keefe Campus Center please use EMS, the College’s Event Management System.



An assortment of cheeses, including Cheddar, Manchego, Gruyere and Smoked Gouda garnished with Fresh Grapes. Served with Assorted Crackers.

  • Small (Serves 15-20) $45.00
  • Medium (Serves 25-30) $60.00
  • Large (Serves 40-50) $75.00

Vegetable Crudite

An assortment of freshly cut vegetables accompanied by our own house made hummus and buttermilk ranch dip.

  • Small (Serves 15-20) $40.00
  • Medium (Serves 25-30) $50.00
  • Large (Serves 40-50) $60.00

Fresh Cut Fruit

Freshly sliced assortment of seasonal fruits beautifully displayed.

  • Small (Serves 15-20) $40.00
  • Medium (Serves 25-30) $50.00
  • Large (Serves 40-50) $60.00

    Hot Beverages

    • Coffee Push Pot $15.00
    • Coffee by the Gallon $18.00
    • Hot Tea by the Pot $12.00
    • Hot Chocolate by the Gallon (2 gallon minimum) $18.00

    Cold Beverages

    By the Gallon

    • Brewed Iced Tea $18.00
    • Apple Cider (Seasonal) $12.00
    • Ice Water by the Gallon $5.00

    Individual Serving Beverages

     (Priced Individually)

    Soda by the can: Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale, Sprite $1.50 each
    Seltzers $1.50 each
    Lemonade $1.50 each
    Harney Iced Tea $2.50 each
    San Pellegrino Mineral Waters  $2.00 each
    San Pellegrino Italian Sparkling Drinks  $2.00 each
    Boxed Water $1.50 each
    Fog Buster Nitro Cold Brew Cans $3.00 each
    Ice Water by the Pitcher $2.50 each