Allergens/Allergen Friendly Dining

  • We have an Allergen Friendly area in Val that compliments a wide variety of dietary needs.
  • Finding food options with an allergy can be tough, but ACNutrition makes it easier. There is a filter tool on the site that allows you to check off the allergens and/or dietary restrictions you may have. Only the menu items that will appear are those that do not contain the items you are avoiding. This makes daily meal planning fast and easy!
  • Not all potential allergens are listed in ACNutrition; so it allows you to look at each item on the menu and read through its ingredients to make sure it’s safe for your consumption.
  • Valentine Hall is 100% nut and peanut free. However, our cookies among other items come from a plant which produces products containing nuts and we cannot guarantee against cross contamination. There are also sealed packages of peanut butter available for students to take.
  • There is a wide variety of gluten free options available daily such as breads, bagels, oatmeal, cereal, pasta, individual pizzas and brown rice.
  • There is a microwave and toaster in the Allergen Friendly section only to be used with gluten free foods.
  • There is also an App available for download on your cell phone.
  • There is an iPad kiosk available in Val where ACNutrition can be accessed anytime!

Please note: While you can use ACNutrition to help you identify food allergies, if you have experienced severe allergic reactions in the past, we encourage you to speak with a member of our management team for specific questions or concerns. All are willing and happy to assist you.