Welcome to the Office of Residential Engagement & Wellbeing

We Are Here For You!

We are dedicated to working with our students and encourage you to make an appointment (in-person or Zoom) whenever possible to ensure that we are available to meet with you.

On behalf of our entire staff, we wish to extend our welcome to you. It is our sincere hope that you will find your experiences in our residence halls both rewarding and valuable in terms of personal growth, lasting friendships, and future development.

In addition to individual actions and expectations, we also have a collective responsibility as members of the Amherst College community. This responsibility includes mutual support and respect in addition to accountability to each other for the collective health and wellbeing of all members of our community.

Our Residential Community

All students are expected to adhere to the policies outlined in our Student Code of Conduct and other official College publications. Our Community Development Coordinators (CDCs) and Community Advisors (CAs) will help you cultivate a sense of community within the residence halls and motivate more conversations and awareness around health/well-being, inclusion, personal responsibility, and social engagement. In partnership with a robust academic experience, these collaborations should create an environment where you will thrive.

To begin, select one of the following options to learn more about our residential areas, residence halls, and theme communities.


Residential Areas

There are six residential areas around campus, including the First-Year Quad and the Greenway, King, and Wieland areas. Learn More

Students in front of a large brick dorm on a green summer day

Residence Halls

We host 34 student residence halls and houses—seven comprise our First-Year Quad and twenty-seven halls and houses. Learn More


Theme Communities

Our students have been encouraged to form Theme Communities, some, under the sponsorship of staff/faculty advisors.  Learn More

Residential Engagement & Wellbeing is a Part of the Community Living Team

We organize the core functions of our professional team for students in residence into three teams. Residential Engagement & Wellbeing, Housing & Operations, and Community Safety comprise the three-team group known as Community Living. 

The Housing & Operations Team is responsible for support and resources related to residence hall buildings, arrival to and departure from housing, room keys, card access, off-campus student storage, and other logistical questions about living on campus.

The Community Safety Team is responsible for student-facing proactive and responsive services that assist students as they grow and engage in our interdependent community.  The Community Safety Team serve as first responders, social event support, life safty minitors, and great sources of general advice for keeping safe!