The academic quad in springtime

Amherst College hosts 34 student residence halls and houses. Seven halls comprise our first-year quad. Twenty-seven halls and houses, existing in various room configurations, are dedicated to returning students. The occupancy of our buildingsĀ rangesĀ from 10 to approximately 125.

Roommate, Room, and/or Residence Hall Problems

If you are experiencing any type of problems with a roommate, your room, or the floor/residence hall, you should contact your Community Advisor (CA) first (except in emergencies when you should contact the Amherst College Police Department). In the event that your CA is not able to remedy the situation, the Community Development Coordinator (CDC) who is assigned to your residence hall may be contacted. If these two people are unable to mediate the problem, contact the Office of Residential Life to schedule an appointment with the Director of Residential Life.