Damage Billing Appeal Form

Please see the following form to appeal damages. While Section 7.8 asks students to email, please use this form for increased efficiency. Students wishing to appeal damage charges should do so within 10 business days of billing and state their reasons for appeal in writing on the form. However, for the purposes of fall damage billing, please use February 13, 2018 as the new deadine to submit appeals.

PLEASE NOTE: In most cases, all Common Area Damages for unattributable cost stand. All students are welcome to submit an appeal request however those with the following factors will receive greater consideration:

  1. You can substantiate being away from campus on the date of incident.
  2. You know who is responsible and they have agreed to take responsibility in writing.


Additional requests for information should be directed to HousingDamage@amherst.edu.



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Damage Billing Policy

Section 7.7. Damage Accountability
Students are held responsible for damage to their rooms and to any College property therein. Students are expected to report all damages to their rooms, common rooms, hallways, bathrooms and other areas of the residence, whether accidental or otherwise, to the RC, so that repairs can be made. The person directly responsible for the damage to a common area will be expected to acknowledge responsibility in order to avoid having some or all occupants of the building charged proportionately for repairs of such damage. In case of negligent or intentional damage, the person(s) responsible may be subject to sanctions that include financial restitution. Students will also be held accountable for damage caused by their guests (see Section 7.2, Guests). In addition, costs associated with discharged fire extinguishers and items damaged in or missing from the lounges or common areas will be charged to the responsible student, or if the behavior cannot be attributed to a student, the residents of the floor or residence as appropriate.

The full 2017-18 Student Code of Conduct can be found here: