Fall 2020

The Office of Residential Life is currently generating more detailed information about the plan for housing assignments for the Fall 2020 semester.  Please refer to the Fall 2020 Plan FAQs for general information.

Welcome New Students

From All of Us in The Office of Residential Life:

Welcome to Amherst College! The Residential Life experience plays a significant role in the overall college (living and learning) experience. We hope to cultivate a sense of community within the residence halls, motivate more conversations and awareness around health/well-being, inclusion, personal responsibility, and social engagement. In partnership with a robust academic experience, these collaborations should create an environment where you will thrive.

Room Assignment Information

You will receive an email with an active link to access the housing portal (which is now closed). This portal will offer you access to the Housing Questionnaire, which is a tool we use when assigning new students. There will be a short list of questions (we call "Lifestyle Preferences"), which will assist us with assigning new students together. We use criteria such as sleep and study schedules in order to start the new roommate relationship with the greatest opportunity for success.

Please fill each question/section of the Questionnaire out as honestly as possible. Be forthcoming about how and where you like to study, how tidy you will realistically keep your room, and how often you want guests for example. Answers to these daily living practices will inform more successful roommate assignments. 

The Housing Questionnaire will only be available for a limited time, so please plan accordingly. After the questionnaire closes, we will no longer accept entries/edits to your preferences. Students who do not complete the Questionnaire will still be assigned, though your participation may lead to better results. Roommate assignments in these cases will be at random. Please keep in mind the success of your roommate assignment will require compromise, openness, and effective communication.