How to Apply

The Office of Residential Life allows a limited number of rising seniors and juniors to live off campus, however, exceptions may be made for first-years and sophomores on a case-by-case basis. Students currently living off-campus must reapply for the following academic year.

The following list indicates the type of criteria used in the process of determining need to live off-campus:

  • Married students
  • Students with dependents
  • Older students (24+ years of age)
  • Financial hardship/personal issues
  • Exceptional personal circumstances

Students requesting permission for off-campus housing must submit their application by the following dates:

  • March 15th  for the upcoming academic year - NOTE: Students approved to live off-campus DO NOT participate in the housing selection process
  • December 7th for the following spring semester

Your request may be denied if you fail to meet these deadlines OR we reach the maximum number of students (50) allowed to move off campus

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