Laundry in the Residence Halls

Storage & Laundry Options


Laundry facilities are available in the residence halls. AC Web Laundry provides web access to real-time laundry machine status information for campus washers and dryers. 

Door-to-Door Storage Option

Amherst College has contracted with a local company to provide our students door to door delivery and storage options.  This is the easiest option for students and the only fully insured option for students. The Boomerang company is the only company vetted and approved by the College to bring vehicles on campus to provide storage. For information on rates and services contact Boomerang Storage at

Local Storage  

There are local storage rental facilities accessible by bus; below list of local storage facilities and their phone numbers. All offer features, such as insurance and no limit to the type and amount of items stored, that the college is unable to offer, therefore, we strongly encourage you to consider these options. You should note that the local storage facilities typically run out of unit space early in the summer, so call early if you will need their services! When you arrive on campus, check with your CA to obtain additional information about storage during the semester and at the end of the academic year.

Boomerang Storage – Amherst College’s preferred moving, storage and shipping company. • Pickup and Delivery at resident room • Free Boxes and Tape • Insurance • Est 2008

Ideal Movers & Storage, Hadley – 413-584-4746

Stadium Storage, Hadley – 413-586-6908

Stuff-It Storage, Hadley – 413-586-5120

Damon Road Self-Storage, Northampton – 413-586-4487

Hadley E-Z Storage, Route 9 Hadley – 413-586-0715

Snow Self-Storage, Belchertown (near the Amherst line), 413-256-4940

Spaces for Rent, Northampton – 413-584-3379 

Campus Storage

Storage hours are set for the first two weeks and last two weeks of every semester. Your CA will post a list of storage hours for all buildings on campus that have storage. 

Please note that your CA has scheduled storage hours each day for these two weeks. You must arrange access to student storage only during these hours. The CA will not be available outside of these hours. 

Amherst College Storage Policies

  1. The College has limited storage space, and items are stored on a first-come, first-served basis
  2. The College is not responsible for any items left in storage.
  3. Residents must bring all items to the storage area before the CA opens the door. CAs must NOT leave storage door open or unattended.
  4. There must be a clear walkway in each storage area as well as clear walkways to panels, equipment, or Facilities items.  All items must be stored on shelves or behind the red marked lines. Storage shall not be placed within 18" of a sprinkler head. Any storage found within 18" of the sprinkler head will be discarded. If the storage room is deemed overfilled upon inspection, items will be removed. (If the storage room is full, seek storage elsewhere)
  5. Any item put into storage must have a labeled sticker on it, including student’s name and graduation year, the date into storage, and the date the item will be removed from storage. Unlabeled items will be removed.
  6. Large bulky items such as furniture of any kind (couches; beds; chairs, including folding chairs; etc.), plastic drawers, shelves, carpets/rugs, bars, tires, grills, refrigerators, etc. are not allowed to be stored. Lumber and other wood products must not be stored. Students may not store other items prohibited in rooms, such as microwaves, hot pots, air conditioners, and heaters.
  7. All College furniture (desks, beds, bookcases) removed from rooms must be stored in one section of the storage room or in the separate furniture storage room (if your residence has one).  Please check to make sure that your storage room permits college furniture storage. All items must be returned to the room before the room is vacated. Note that this storage is for College furniture storage only—personal furniture may not be stored (see above).

Storage Locations on campus: 

Charles Drew, Cohan, Garman, Greenway C, Hitchcock, Humphries, Lipton, Marsh, Mayo-Smith, Moore, Morris Pratt, Morrow, Newport, Plimpton, Porter, Seelye, Tyler, and Wieland.