The Residential Life staff works with students who live in the College’s residence halls to create a safe, welcoming living and learning community. They partner with Resident Counselors, to engage all resident students in the life of the College and present fun and informative programs throughout the year. To complete a Program Fund Request, please visit The Hub

NOTE: Residents of the Humphries House Theme Community should complete a Program Fund Request here

All Funding Requests are required to meet the following criteria:

  1. Sponsored programming must align with all Amherst College Housing & Residential Life Policies. 
  2. Residential Life's priority is to fund events and projects that will benefit campus residents. Your request should highlight how the funding will help support the mission of Amherst College and will be of direct benefit to residents. 
  3. Please complete Fund Request for your Community Development Coordinator and/or Area.
  4. Funds must be requested one week PRIOR to the date needed. Special circumstances can permit an exception to this timeline.