Residential Engagement Student Positions

Community Advisors

Each Spring, Community Advisors (CAs) are selected from the current first-year, sophomore, and junior classes. CAs are expected to be community builders and campus leaders in their residence halls and are a crucial link between the College and the student community. Key provisions of the role include: peer advice, conflict resolution, thoughtful referrals, and the implementation of policies, procedures, and health guidelines during the pandemic as outlined by the Office of Residential life and the Office of Student Affairs. The CA role is a great opportunity for students to learn and develop a wide range of skills that can be used beyond the scope of this position. CAs live in the residences that they oversee and are expected to have an openness towards, acceptance of, and concern for, others. CAs will gain a wide knowledge of the various aspects of the College through training provided each semester. The job requires passion and general readiness to engage and develop community, as well as supporting and assisting students in their transition to college and throughout their college experience.

Our application is not yet live. If you have any questions, you can contact Amber Rice (Assistant Director of Residential Life).