Introducing our newest theme communities!

This Fall  (for housing selection in the spring of 2024) Residential Engagement & Wellbeing opened a process to accept new theme community applications. We envision communities wherein members of our whole student body can come together around shared goals, interests, identities, and activities to form a community that lives, learns, grows, and supports each other.  We are pleased to announce that three new theme communities were approved for the Housing Selection Process for the 2024-2025 academic year.

  • Brooks-Vigil Theme Community.  This community serves students interested in Native and Indigenous culture and studies.  The Brooks-Vigil floor will support and celebrate Native, American, Indigenous, Afro-Indigenous, Native Hawai’ian, Native Alaskan, Freedmen, First Nations students and those involved in Indigenous studies across Amherst College. The community will provide a space for students to build connections with each other while learning about Indigenous life and customs.  

  • Dar al-Islam. The name of this community means “House of Islam” in Arabic. The theme community serves Muslim members of the Amherst community, including those who are active in their religious practice, those who were raised religious or in a religious household but are no longer practicing, those who identify with Muslim culture without faith practice, and those who are still exploring their relationship to Islam. In addition, this community serves non-Muslim students who are interested in learning about the spectra of Islamic faith traditions, practices, and cultures.  The fundamental aim of the community is to provide a comfortable, inclusive, and non-judgmental space for students who are interested in the spiritual, religious, and/or cultural practice and exploration of Islam. 

  • International Theme Community. This community fully embraces and celebrates the diversity brought by international students. The community provides a welcoming environment for students of international experience that allows them to explore their own and other resident’s heritage and culture.  The International Theme Community welcomes international students and students interested in international cultures, experiences, and perspectives.

Students can apply to live in these communities through the theme community applications.

New Theme House Application and Review Process- Process is closed for the 2024-2025 housing selection process.  Please check back next semester!

Criteria for Selection
A review committee composed of staff and students from Residential Engagement & Wellbeing and Housing & Operations will review all submitted applications. The committee will be evaluating theme community applications on the criteria listed below:

  • The proposal application was thoughtful, thorough, complete and submitted by the deadline.
  • The theme would appeal to a wide range of students. The proposed theme is not  already met by another theme community.
  • The proposed growth and learning opportunities are relevant to the theme and would contribute to the overall student experience in the residence halls

Applications for new theme communities for the 2024-2025 academic year are now closed.