Morrow Dorm in the spring
The Asian Culture House was established to enhance awareness of all Asian cultures and to promote cultural diversity on campus. Each semester, members are required to organize one event that pertains to Asian culture and to attend events organized by fellow members. These projects are excellent opportunities to increase visibility and impact on campus.

The Asian Culture House currently occupies the second floor of Morrow residence hall. The House is open to all students. In fact, it is vital to the success of the House to include people of all nationalities and cultures who are interested in Asian culture. Students are not required to be Asian or to speak an Asian language. Any and all those who possess an interest in Asian culture are strongly encouraged to apply. Sincere interest, strong commitment, and enthusiasm are most sought in applicants. It is recommended that you read our Constitution before applying.

An aerial photo of the war memorial and Mount Holyoke in the distance

Asian Culture House Constitution

Please read the Asian Culture House Constitution for more information on the purpose of the house, what is expected of its members and other important information.

Asian Cultural House FAQ