Charles Drew Memorial Cultural House

As the notion of a global community becomes more and more apparent, Charles Drew stands, not only as a unique living experience and a living legacy, but also as an example of the commitment by Amherst College to matriculate and graduate individuals with the multicultural experience this new world will continue to demand.

— Josh Machao '03, RC 2001-2003

A photo of the Charles Drew residence hall in spring
The Charles Drew Memorial Culture House is named in honor of Charles R. Drew '26. Dr. Drew was an outstanding surgeon who discovered the chemical method for perserving blood, and later became the director of the first American Blood Bank. Dr. Drew suffered an untimely death in 1950 as the result of a car accident.

This house has been named for Charles Drew not only in honor of his outstanding achievements but also as a testament to the continuous inspiration and example of achievements of Black people such as Charles Drew and to explore the cultures of Africa and the Diaspora at large.

Drew House was founded as a space where members of the Amherst community can engage in intellectual debate, social activities, artistic expression, and all other endeavors which highlight the accomplishments of Blacks throughout the years and around the world.

An aerial photo of the war memorial and Mount Holyoke in the distance

Charles Drew Memorial Cultural House Constitution

Please read the Charles Drew Memorial Cultural House Constitution for more information on the purpose of the house, what is expected of its members and other important information.

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