Q1. Should I read the constitution for the house?

A. Yes, reading the constitution is very important to understanding the House requirements and dynamics.

Q2. When are the deadlines for applications?

A. There is a mailing in Feburary designating deadlines for the application process to the Theme Houses for the upcoming academic year. Deadlines and decisions for Theme House placement are made before the Roomdraw process begins. Once a student accepts a placement in a Theme House their Roomdraw application is withdrawn. Each House has a specific deadline for confirming your acceptance. However, after the initial deadline, Theme Houses continue to accept applications for a waiting list status to help fill any vacancies that might come up throughout the year.

Q3. Are there floor plans availible?

A. Yes, please use this link for the most updated floor plans.

Q4. Is it possible to change a room in a theme house if I'm unhappy?

A. All internal house room changes occur under the guidence of the House President, the House Advisor, and the specific guidelines in the constitution. Once the decision is made, the House President will notify the Residential Life Office so that the change can become official and a new key can be issued.

Q5. How are the rooms assignments conducted?

A. Each house has its specific protocol, but the selection process occurs for each House after the College's Roomdraw process.

Q6. Are there regularly scheduled activities throughout the year in the house?

A. No, there are sponsored campus events throughout the year.

Q7. What are the responsibilities of the House President, the Resident Counselor, and the House advisor?

A. Each House constitution outlines the specific details for each of the roles these key individuals play in the house.

Q8. Will I have to sign a contract?

A. Yes, the contract is as follows:

Residential Contract

1. By signing this contract, residents of Charles Drew House affirm their commitment to fully participate on the activities necessary for the efficient and safe management of Charles Drew House.

2. Participation includes but is not limited to:
a. initiating activities
b. following through on activities
c. taking initiative to get to know people in the house
d. volunteering for tasks in the house
e. attending and participating in House meetings
f. attending and participating in House events
g. encouraging outreach to the broader community
h. working hard at Drew House events
i. keeping the House clean and orderly
j. showing respect for other House members
k. showing respect for guests in the House
l. willingness to learn about the cultures of others in the house
m. taking responsibility for your guests

3. Not participating in any illegal activity while living in the House as defined in the College Student Handbook and/or State and Federal Laws.

As a member of Charles Drew House, I agree to abide by the above conditions. I understand that a review process will take place November and April. During this process, if I have not fulfilled my house responsibilities, or if I am found to be meeting the terms of this contract, I will be required to leave Charles Drew House and move to other campus housing, or elect to live off-campus. I further understand that if I am required to leave Charles Drew House, I am not guaranteed a comparable room in other campus housing.


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