Latinx Cultural House

A photo of the Newport residence hall in spring
La Casa provides a residential environment for the promotion and expression of Latino cultures. Inherent in this promotion and expression is an understanding that the history of Latinxs is a complex issue that unites and separates various groups of people in the United States. It also provides a safe space for such expression and promotion and brings together those students who have a demonstrated interest in celebrating and enhancing the awareness of Latino cultures through various activities within the college community.

La Casa currently occupies third floor and half the first floor of Newport. The House is open to all students. In fact, it is vital to the success of the House to include people of all nationalities and cultures who are interested in Latinx culture. Students are not required to be Latinx or to speak Spanish. Any and all those who possess an interest in Latinx culture are strongly encouraged to apply.

An aerial photo of the war memorial and Mount Holyoke in the distance

Latinx Culture House Constitution

Please read the Latinx Culture House Constitution for more information on the purpose of the house, what is expected of its members and other important information.

Latinx Culture House