Marsh House "Marsh House is deeply committed to increasing the visibility and exposure of artists at Amherst, and to fostering growing connections between the arts scene and the college community at large." Graham Dumas '04, Marsh House president 2003-2004.

The Marsh Arts House exists to provide a supportive working atmosphere for student artists, and to foster the presence of arts on the campus.

A student living in the Arts House has access to the space for producing and displaying work, to the monetary resources of the Arts House Fund and the Kramer Fund, and to the immediate and present help of other student artists living in the Arts House. By giving student artists these resources, the Arts House facilitates the production and exhibition of student art, both in the House and on the main campus.


In providing student artists with a rich support system, the Arts House makes it possible to greatly increase the amount of art shown on campus in any year. The Arts House attempts to increase the awareness of art on campus by producing as much art as possible.

The Arts House seeks artists in all media who are interested in producing and displaying extra-curricular work, as well as artists interested in presenting non-student work. The Arts House also encourages those interested in organizing the production and exhibition of work by other student artists.

Students interested in learning more about The Arts House are encouraged to attend our annual springopen house.

Contact Information

For any questions concerning Marsh Arts House, please contact the House Presidents Aaron Bushnell and Theo Perez. 

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