Sylvia Rivera Community (Queer and Trans Theme Floor)

A photo of the Moore residence hall in spring
The Sylvia Rivera Community is located on the fourth floor of Moore Hall.

Named to honor latinx trans movement worker and Stonewall veteran Sylvia Rivera, the Sylvia Rivera Floor is a community dedicated to maintaining an affirming and celebratory living environment for LGBTQ+ people. Its namesake fought to uplift those left on the margins of the larger gay liberation movement, namely queer and trans people of color who were (and still are) disproportionately homeless, incarcerated, and victims of a myriad of violences. Her work coalesced in many forms, and perhaps most visibly into STAR House, the first homeless shelter for queer and trans youth. This floor follows Sylvia’s legacy in providing space for LGBTQ+ folks to live and build community together, in all the beauty inherent in the diversity of gender and sexuality.

If you are interested in learning more about this community please contact the Office of Residential Life.