Theme Community Applications for Academic Year 2023 - 2024

NOTE: Applicants to theme communities must submit both the Theme Community Pre-Application and a Theme Community Application. 

Students who are interested in applying to the Asian Culture House, Drew House, French House, German House, Humphries House, Latinx Culture House, Marsh House, Russian House, Spanish House, and Sylvia Rivera communities can find application information and themed community timelines on this page. 

Theme Community Applications for the 2023 - 2024 academic year can only be accessed through the Theme Community Pre-application. The Pre-application asks applicants to rank all of the theme communities they intend to apply for in order of preference.

How it works:

  • Leadership of each theme community will make recommendations to ORL regarding admission to each theme community. 
  • ORL will then use your preference information in conjunction with the decisions made by theme community leadership and make each students' housing assignment. 

By providing your preferences in advance of decisions, we are able to dramatically expedite the process of Theme Community housing assignments.


  • Applications will open on December 8th.

Decision Timeline: 

  • This information will be updated shortly.