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Hannah Fatemi
Phone: 413-542-8447
Hannah Fatemi, Director of the Keefe Campus Center and Student Activities Office and an Assistant Dean of Students
Office: Campus Center, Room 017

  • Oversee the operation of the Keefe Campus Center
  • Oversee the administration of Student Activities
  • Oversee the Amherst College Interterm Program
  • Advise the Amherst College Program Board (ACPB), Amherst College Radio Station (WAMH 89.3FM), Amherst College Association of Amherst Students (AAS), Budgetary Committee (BC), and the Amherst College Yearbook (Olio).
  • Member of the following college community committees: College Council, Committee on Academic Standing, New Student Orientation, Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Committee, Mental Health and Wellness Committee, the Prize Committee, Risk Management and Policy for Travel Abroad, Five College Student Activities Council

 To schedule a meeting with Hannah Fatemi, please email hfatemi @

Ysabel Woody, Assistant Director of Student Activities
Phone: 413‐542‐8448
Assistant Director of Student Activities
Office: Campus Center, Room 021

  • Recruit, interview, hire, schedule, supervise and mentor Campus Center Managers
  • Coordinate, plan and implement Student Activities and Campus Center programs
  • Advise Program Board and Social Council on recreational, educational, cultural and social programming
  • Actively correspond and negotiate with booking agents on behalf of Program Board and Social Council event planning
  • Manage budgets for Program Board and Social Council
  • Assist in the development of the annual Interterm program
  • Assist the Director in day to day Campus Center operations and policy management

Heather M. Polson
Email: hmpolson
Phone: 413-542-8317
Administrative Assistant
Office: Campus Center, Room 019

  • Coordinate all requests for reservations of Campus Center and C. Pratt O'Connor Commons Performance space
  • Coordinate all requests for banner space
  • Keep accurate budget records for all funds related to the Campus Center
  • Distribute and track key distribution for all student organization offices
  • Coordinate Campus Center and Interterm website
  • Assist in coordinating annual Interterm program
  • Coordinate all maintenance work within the Campus Center
  • Coordinate all requests for Atrium tabling and vendors
  • Sell tickets to events organized by campus organizations
  • General office duties

Campus Center Managers

  • Greet people and answer questions or direct them to the proper place
  • Answer the telephone, direct calls and/or take messages
  • Open/close the building during necessary shifts
  • Assist audio/visual set-up and breakdown during events
  • Use a log to monitor the building and the property once an hour
  • Complete other duties as assigned

Sound Technicians

  • Performing Sound Technician duties in the Campus Center and O'Connor Commons during the school year.
  • Learning the sound equipment and helping to train future Sound Technicans.
  • Staying in contact with Campus Center staff regarding: Upcoming events for scheduling and sound capabilities; feedback on past events; and reporting broken equipment or the need to replace/update equipment.
  • Contacting and interacting with the event coordinators or sometimes the performer's agent to confirm the sound equipment capabilities of the Campus Center or O'Connor Commons.
  • Greet people scheduled to use facility and equipment.
  • Set up equipment safely and return its original placement after event is over.
  • Greet people and answer questions or direct them to the proper place.




Keefe Campus Center