Our Mission

The mission of the Center for Diversity & Student Leadership (CDSL) is two-fold:

  • to provide education, support, and advocacy to and on behalf of first generation, low-income, transfer, and undocumented/DACA, and veteran students. Through programmatic initiatives, resources, and services we foster personal, social, and academic success for the student populations we serve.
  • to create and offer immersive opportunities for co-curricular learning and leadership development. We strive to educate and cultivate leaders who hold a commitment to lifelong learning, self-reflection, social justice, and social change.

Leadership Development Programs

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Tenzin L. Kunor

Tenzin L. Kunor

Director of Diversity and Student Leadership

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BA, Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies; M.Ed., Student Affairs in Higher Education

I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to build and implement the programs, resources, and services to best serve our first generation, low-income, transfer, undocumented/DACA, and veteran student populations at Amherst College and to cultivate leadership opportunities grounded in social justice and social change. I strive to help create a community that deconstructs classism in higher education and provides experiences that are equitable and accessible. I am deeply committed to nurturing compassionate, imaginative, and reflective leaders seeking to create a better world for all of us.