Steven Berlin '21

Pronouns: he/him/his

Likes: lifting weights, running, Rick and Morty, donuts, froyo, and naps

Dislikes: slow Uber drivers, people who use their phone in urinals, people who have reactions that are really “extra” in movie theaters.

What I love about the CDSL: it's a space that’s embraces multiple identities that on the surface may seem different, but often share multiple commonalities. 

Maya Hossain '21

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Likes: chai, dogwood trees, carving pumpkins, staying up too late

Dislikes: chalkboards, mud, staying up too late

What I love about CDSL: I’ve found a community of people who support (and check) me no matter what. I’m also so thrilled I finally have a platform to do the work I’m passionate about, and I’m able to support communities I’m a part of and communities I’m not. 

Bryan Miller '19

Pronouns: no preference

Likes: running, EDM music, hanging out with friends 

Dislikes: slow music, under-cooked rice, over-cooked rice 

What I love about CDSL: I love the team I work with. Everyone is so open, honest and supportive.

Lea Morin '20

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Likes: TEXAS (San Antonio especially), being joyful, chihuahuas and pit bulls, color coding my agenda, empanadas de calabaza, gold (the color), hoops, mangos, menudo, the Resource Center Team

Dislikes: not using my agenda by mid-year, tiny cars, tourists, when people disrespect TEXAS (San Antonio especially), white feminism

What I love about CDSL: The CDSL has such an incredible community that has greatly impacted the sense of belonging I have on this campus, and more importantly, how much I recognize that this campus belongs to me. Tenzin, the student staff, and the space of the CDSL itself are incredibly welcoming and affirming and have provided me with energy, joy, and patience that are much needed on this campus.

Ludia Ock '19

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Likes: froyo @ GoBerry, breakfast, bougie coffee shops, the smell of money

Dislikes: classism, elitism, the patriarchy, slow wifi-connection

What I love about CDSL: The community our office has built with people from incredibly diverse and resilient backgrounds makes me proud to be at Amherst. 

Josue Sanchez Hernandez '21

Pronouns: he/him/his

Likes: warm weather, playing guitar and singing, super smash bros, hip-hop and r&b (send me your mixtape), wearing dope hats, white sneakers, Mexican food

Dislikes: pineapple on pizza, drivers who don’t signal, cargo shorts, paying extra for avocado

What I love about the CDSL: it's a space and community where people can have deep conversations and foster meaningful friendships with a ton of different people! 

ShoYoung Shin '19

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Likes: funny stories, leaves crunching under my feet, sleeping under the covers with my window cracked open in the winter, trying to cook Korean food that is only half as good as my mom's, clothes that are the right amount of baggy, and campfires

Dislikes: soggy fries, rainy days, and bland food.

What I love about the CDSL: I've come across the most supportive, genuinely kind, and fun people in this office. These kinds of people are all over campus, of course, but the CDSL office creates an atmosphere that we're really able to share these qualities with each other. I also laugh the loudest here.  

Tenzin L. Kunor

Tenzin L. Kunor

Director of Diversity and Student Leadership