Maya Hossain '21

Picture of Maya Hossain

Pronouns: She/her/hers


Likes: chai, dogwood trees, carving pumpkins, staying up too late


Dislikes: chalkboards, mud, staying up too late


What I love about CDSL: I’ve found a community of people who support (and check) me no matter what. I’m also so thrilled I finally have a platform to do the work I’m passionate about, and I’m able to support communities I’m a part of and communities I’m not.  

 Lea Morin '21

Picture of Lea Morin

Pronouns: She/her/hers


Likes: TEXAS (San Antonio especially), being joyful, chihuahuas and pit bulls, color coding my agenda, empanadas de calabaza, gold (the color), hoops, mangos, menudo, the Resource Center Team


Dislikes: not using my agenda by mid-year, tiny cars, tourists, when people disrespect TEXAS (San Antonio especially), white feminism


What I love about the CDSL: The CDSL has such an incredible community that has greatly impacted the sense of belonging I have on this campus, and more importantly, how much I recognize that this campus belongs to me. Tenzin, the student staff, and the space of the CDSL itself are incredibly welcoming and affirming and have provided me with the energy, joy, and patience that are much needed on this campus.

 Anthony V. Ornelaz '21E


Picture of Anthony Ornelaz

Pronouns: He/him/his


Likes: aliens (the movies or real ones) and Adventure Time, coffee and friends, love, kindness, and closeness, definitely some kind of food, AND experiences and novelty. Yah, I think that works for now.


Dislikes: institutions that exist for themselves, ideologues, the insincere, all monkeys, and ticks. Oh and mangos!


What I love about the CDSL: That the center is an intimate space in which a vast array of identity groups come to just be. Where we explore the complexities of life or maybe compete with one another on who has the funniest meme.

 Josue Sanchez Hernandez '21

Picture of Josue Sanchez Hernandez


Pronouns: He/him/his


Likes: doritos with Lime, long drives, making spotify playlists, playing guitar, coffee


Dislikes: pineapple on Pizza, country music, Val


What I love about the CDSL: It’s a space and community where people can have deep conversations and foster meaningful friendships with a ton of different people!

Alondra Saucedo Espinno '22

Picture of Alondra Saucedo Espinno

Pronouns: She/her/hers


Likes: thunderstorms, feeling the sun on my skin, when babies fall asleep in my arms, singing my heart out in the shower and car, spending time with my family, and food


Dislikes: crowded spaces, rude people, Oklahoma heat, people not having access to basic necessities, and insects


What I love about the CDSL: We have the opportunity to work with people from similar backgrounds and to be exposed to their different ideas and needs.

Diana Tiburcio '22

Picture of Diana Tiburcio

Pronouns: She/her/hers


Likes: solving Rubik's cubes, eating, traveling, bothering my friends, and shopping (even though I'm broke)


Dislikes: people asking me why I hold writing utensils weird, cake, feeling unproductive, and the fact that I know I'm lactose intolerant but I keep torturing myself


What I love about the CDSL: I love the supportive community that exists here. The CDSL was always the first place I went to whenever I felt stressed or needed advice. I could always count on my friends in the office to be there for me even during the roughest times of the semester.