Lupita Méndez | CARC Director


Pronouns: She/her/hers


As the Director for the Class & Access Resource Center, Lupita provides education, support, and advocacy to and on behalf of first-generation, low-income, veteran, and transfer students. Prior to this role, Lupita managed a National Science Foundation grant supporting community college transfer students in STEM majors at the University of Arizona. She has also worked in both a Queer Resource Center and a Multicultural Resource Center in Oregon. She holds a B.A. in anthropology from the University of Notre Dame and an MSW from Portland State University. In her free time, Lupita loves to spend time outdoors with her wife.


Connect with Lupita at .

Scarlet Im | CARC Assistant Director

Scarlet Im Headshot

Pronouns: She/her/hers


Scarlet is excited to work at her alma mater and support first-generation, low-income, veteran and transfer students as Assistant Director of the Class & Access Resource Center. Before this role, Scarlet worked at Teach for America and coached a cohort of teachers in the Springfield and Holyoke districts. She also taught high school math for 4 years and considers herself a lifelong educator. She holds a B.A. in Anthropology and a M.Ed from Boston University. While originally from Southern California, she's found a home away from home here in Western MA and enjoys grabbing coffee with friends and loved ones at the many cute cafe spots in this area.


Connect with Scarlet at or schedule a meeting with her using calendly.  

Frida Hernandez '24 | Center Organizer 

Frida Headshot

Pronouns: she/her/hers


Likes: learning new crafts, trying new foods, watching Pixar movies!


What I love about the CARC: I love the fact that the CARC actively tries to create a space where FLI, transfer, and veteran students feel comfortable and belonging. In a college where that is not often the case, I appreciate that I can attend CARC events or go hang out at the physical Center and not feel out of place because of my identities. 

Michelle Kha '24 | Program Organizer

Michelle Headshot

Pronouns: she/her/hers


Likes: Binge-watching medical shows, such as New Amsterdam and Grey's Anatomy as well as doing puzzles and paint-by-numbers! 


What I love about the CARC:

I enjoy being a part of the FLI community and interacting/meeting with the familiar and new faces that come into the center. It's really special to me to learn more about the communities that we serve and to advocate for them.

Ashanti Adams '24 | Program Organizer

Ashanti Headshot

Pronouns: she/her/hers


Likes: Crocheting, watching my favorite shows, and hanging out with my friends


What I love about the CARC:

I like being able to host events where FLI students know that they are among peers and people with whome they share their identity. 

Corey O’Callaghan '25 | Communications & Program Organizer

Corey Headshot

Pronouns: Any pronouns 


Likes: rock climbing, taking dance classes, and playing Dungeons and Dragons! I also like making earrings and collecting various teas! 


What I love about the CARC:

I really love getting to meet new people at the center! I enjoy learning more about issues of class and fostering discussions with other students. I like talking to people and creating programs that can help people! 

Dory Farlessyost '24 | Program Organizer 

Dory holding a succulent

Pronouns: she/her/hers 

Likes: stretching, hiking, my friends' Spotify playlists, Val's butternut kale pasta

What I love about the CARC: I love the CARC because of the people! The community feels so friendly and welcoming, and I always feel like I can just be in the space, without having to ever justify my place as it often feels like in other Amherst spaces.

As a FLI student on campus, I feel like I often have a lot of basic questions that feel silly to not know, but hard to ask. The CARC has been my go-to question center when I'm unsure of how to navigate literally anything - if folks don't know the answer directly they can help connect me with people who do. There are so many resources on this campus and the CARC feels like my connection to access them all.

Erika Xu '25 | Program Organizer

Erika Headshot

Pronouns: she/her/hers


Likes: practicing yoga, folding origami, cooking ramen, and taking naps


What I love about the CARC:

My work with the center brings me so much joy because it gives me oportunities to connect with other talented FLI students through conversations about our identities and class. The FLI community is a space where I have found belonging at Amherst. And, i want to help give back to this community by continuing to invite marginalized voices and experiences into this space. 

Gabriel Dezzeo Rondon '24E | Program Organizer

Gabe in a blue sweater and black pants and beanie sitting on top of a rock of a mountain

Pronouns: He/Him


Likes: wine, chill music, and good friends!


What I love about the CARC:

I love the CARC because it provides a safe space to discuss important class issues and build a strong sense of community, especially since I am a transfer student from South Florida State College & from Merida, Venezuela.