Podcasts that Amplify Veteran Voices

The veteran identity is multifaceted, while there are shared experiences each veteran navigates post-military life in their own way. To highlight the diversity and intersectionality of the veteran experience the CARC has put together a list of podcasts. This list is for civilian allies and the military community to engage with. 

Veterans In Academics
“A podcast focused on military veterans in academics and the contributions they are making to scholarship and life.” 
Hosted by Dr. Luke McClees, USMC 
Podcast on Podbean,  Apple
Amherst Connection, Assistant Dean of Admission Hira Byrne Paulin was a guest on Season 1

Service to School Stories
“Welcome to Service to School Stories, a deep-dive style podcast hosted by Sydney Matthes, the Director of Student Success at Service to School. We’ll be digging into topics in the Higher Education landscape as they relate to Veterans and transitioning service members. Tune in as we chat about navigating the college experience for Veterans: going through the application process, dealing with imposter syndrome, applying to highly selective universities, handling rejection letters, supporting Veterans on campus and much more!”
Hosted by Sydney Matthes
Podcast on Apple 

Tango Alpha Lima Podcast
“What happens when two veterans walk into a podcast studio? Vibrant camaraderie, playful joking and hot takes ensue. Join Ashley Gorbulja and Jeff Daly as they explore current events, interesting trends and quirky stories of interest to the military community. The weekly podcast is produced by The American Legion. The podcast is a veterans-eye-view on current events - particularly in the military and veteran community. For more stories and videos please visit www.legion.org/tangoalphalima
Hosted by Ashley Gorbulja, Army and Jeff Daly
Podcast on Apple 

Lessons Learned from Veterans
“Supporting veterans to achieve career success as they navigate the challenges of transitioning out of the military. Each week we will bring you a new mentor who will teach you the lessons they have learned as they traveled the military transition path before you.”
Hosted by Lori Norris
Podcast on Apple 

“Providing a lifeline to veterans, transitioning military members, and military spouses through the sharing of information and resources about veteran support organizations and key personnel in the veteran support community who are helping our community succeed.”
Hosted by Shawn Welsh, Army 
Podcast on YouTube

 The Morning Formation Podcast
“Current military service members, fellow veterans, aspiring future warriors, and those who seek to learn more about our military community- Get up, it’s time for formation! This podcast is a place for you to get information on military career & personal transition into and out of the military. I’m going to be speaking with fellow veterans, military entrepreneurs, educational military sources, military spouses, and civilians who strongly support our community, who will all be sharing information to help folks interested in leveling themselves up. So, Let’s stay tuned, stay focused, and stay motivated! Warriors, Fall in!”
Hosted by K.P. Phillips, Army 
Podcast on AppleSpotify 

Veteran Voices
“As the voice of supply chain, Supply Chain Now is committed to giving a voice to those who have served in the United States Armed Forces. Join host and Army Veteran Mary Kate Soliva as she sits down with veterans and veteran advocates for insights, perspectives and stories from serving. Powered by Supply Chain Now and Vets2Industry, Veteran Voices highlights the challenging transition from active duty to the private sector while shining a light on the most vital issues facing veterans today. Hear from a variety of guests and leaders in the veteran community as they share their stories in and out of the military.”
Hosted by Mary Kate Soliva, Army SOF
Podcast on Apple