What does Transfer mean?

Transfer students are students who transferred to Amherst College from another undergraduate institution. 

At CARC, we welcome transfer students and value the assets and experential knowledge they bring to our campus. While Amherst College offers many opportunities for our transfer students, Amherst College is also bettered by the presence of our transfer students, and we are glad that they chose this institution as part of their academic journey. 

Annual Programs and Events

Transfer & Veteran Student Pre-Orientation

Transfer students have unique needs during new student orientation since they already have some college experience. We offer the Transfer Pre-Orientation so that transfer students may connect early on with resources that will benefit them as an incoming sophomore or junior - connecting with research opportunities and internship support, for example. This is also a great chance to build community with fellow transfer students and get to know the campus before general orientation! Transfer students will still participate in the general New Student Orientation so they can continue deepening their knowledge of Amherst and developing networks of support and community. 

Transfer Student Picnic

Fall Semester (Annual)

A picnic at Book & Plow Farm to celebrate the start of the year with the entire transfer student community, staff, and faculty!

2021 Group Photo!

Transfer & Veteran Graduation Celebration

At the end of every spring semester, we celebrate our graduating Transfer and Veteran students with a ceremony where they receive special stoles. It's an opportunity to reflect together through speeches and toasts. Dinner & refreshments typically are served. 

Spring 2024 Date and Time TBD

Past Events

Transfer Student Reception at the President's House 

Fall or Spring Semester

A reception, hosted by former President Martin, celebrating transfer students. 

Get Involved and Connected

Contact the Transfer Student Association E-Board at tsa@amherst.edu and follow them on their instagram