Frequently Asked Questions About Housing for Transfer Students

If I am a transfer student, will I be living with other transfer students?
New transfer students are placed into Seligman Hall in rooms near other new transfer students. Many returning students choose to live in Seligman in subsequent years. Seligman consists of a variety of single and double rooms, and available single rooms are allocated to new transfer students aged 25 and older, and then to students with more advanced class standing.  New transfer students who prefer not to live in Seligman may submit a request for alternate placement, in writing, to

Are all students over the age of 25 guaranteed a single room?
OSA Operations will endeavor, whenever possible, to place students aged 25 and older into single rooms, and will do so as long as rooms are available. 

What are the housing options for nontraditional students who need to live with a spouse/partner or other dependents?
At present, College residence halls provide only double-occupancy rooms and no apartments.  Only Amherst-enrolled students may reside in the residence halls. The College will place newly-enrolled married/partnered students in a double room together if a request is issued in writing by both students, and students may select a room together in subsequent years.

How does off campus housing work?
Students must apply and be approved for off-campus housing. The College allows up to 50 students to live off campus each year. First priority goes to students who are married or in a domestic partnership, have a permanent address within 20 miles of the College, or are aged 25 or older. 

How easy is it to find off campus housing near Amherst College?
It can be quite difficult for Amherst College students to find affordable and suitable housing close to Amherst campus. Apartments in the area fill up very quickly due to high demand from local UMass Amherst students and by mid-spring, many places are already leased for the upcoming school year. We highly recommend that you begin your housing search as early as possible if you need to live off campus. You may find more affordable options if you are willing to live a little further away from campus, however keep in mind that Amherst College requires you to live within a 20 mile radius of campus. 

How can I find off campus housing?
A good place to start is the UMass off campus housing website which is regularly updated with local listings. You can also check out Western Mass Craigslist  (please use discretion to avoid scams) to find housing. Additionally, checking neighboring areas such as Pelham, Sunderland, Belchertown, Hadley, South Hadley, Hatfield, Northampton, and Easthampton, especially if you have access to transportation, is a solid alternative as well.

How does financial aid work if I am able to live off campus?
Financial aid will remain the same for students who live on campus and locally off campus with advance approval. Grants that exceed the billed charges (i.e. tuition and fees) can be requested as a refund by the student to use toward living expenses off campus. Financial aid will not be increased for higher living costs, though student loans may be available to support those costs. Students should also be aware that if the student withdraws during the semester, it is possible that some funding will need to be repaid. Consult with the Office of Financial Aid staff with any questions.