Advice from Former Transfer Students

“If you have a project you’d like to begin, an independent study you want to do, a conference you’d like to attend and so forth, Amherst College has wonderful faculty and staff who are there to support you. The college also has monetary resources specifically reserved for these purposes. The key is to reach out to the right people at the right time, and so I encourage you to reach out early on!”
Toma-Jin Morikawa-Fouquet (he/him) 2021 Political Science and Anthropology

Your fellow transfer students will be an important source of community for you when you first enter Amherst, so be sure to stay involved with other transfers and transfer activities. | You might feel out of place at first, but that is completely normal, and you will start developing connections along with a stronger sense of belonging as time goes on!”
Grace Cho (she/her) 2023E English

Talk to everyone! A lot of time, understandably so, is spent trying to find which "group" you fit with. Although that might be a normal thing to do for traditional students, we don't have the luxury of time as they do. I would advise all new transfers to sign up for as many clubs as they want, join intramural sports teams, attend all social events, and simply try to enjoy your time here. It's short for us, so make the most of it!” 
Edmund Kennedy (he/him/his) 2023E History and Asian Languages & Civilizations 

“Students can get free digital subscriptions to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.”
Anonymous 2022 Economics

 “Immersing yourself in the transfer community will give you a sense of belonging that you may not have had at previous institutions. Embrace the people in this community, but also don't be afraid to branch out.”
Mase Peterson (they/them) 2022 English/American Studies/FAMS (Prospective)

“Use the trails, they're gorgeous!!! Join clubs, too.” 
Anonymous 2022 History

“Transfers quickly get along so don’t worry too much about making new friends.”
Anonymous 2022 Political Science

 “I am so happy I got to meet and hang out with other transfer students, it makes life on campus much more enjoyable when you meet people who had a similar experience coming to Amherst.”
Dena Ahmed (she/hers) 2023E Environmental Studies

 “Some study abroad applications (like McGill) for spring are due the previous spring! Start planning earlier than you think you should; making connections with professors early on is especially important for transfers as you never know when you'll need a recommendation letter or reference for an application.”
Corina Cobb (she/her) 2022E Mathematics

 “It may seem overwhelming, but the support provided is equal to challenge. Amherst will not let you fail, so may sure you don’t.” 
Genaro Torres (he/him) 2021 Philosophy (Prospective)


Finding Grant & Fellowship Opportunities

Hitting the ground running and jumping on opportunities immediately is something that can be incredibly difficult for transfers to do, especially if transferring in the spring or as a junior.

A few transfer students worked together to compile this page for their peers and incoming students. The intention of this page is to provide students with an introductory list of various opportunities at Amherst College. This is not a comprehensive list of available scholarships and grants. 

Last updated June 5th, 2021.